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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Surgical disorders

Usually the treatment of such disorders with SCENAR allows avoiding surgical intervention or reducing it to the minimum. The most medical dogmata in this field are refuted. SCENAR is just put into the wound and results in its healing mostly without suppuration.

Diagnosis Areas to act upon Characteristics of the procedures Course of treatment
Burns Directly upon the burnt area, its edges → the segments of the burnt area → area of the kidneys → basic areas Automatic mode with minimal intensity. q. s.
until the wounds heal up
Frostbites Directly upon the frostbite area from periphery to the center → сthe corresponding segments → area of the kidneys → basic areas Avoid rough action upon the skin. Use automatic mode of action. This disorder may be treated continuously for several days until the sore organ heals up.
Infiltrate, furuncle, lymphadenitis Projections of the pathological areas → lymph drainage passageways → the corresponding segment → adrenal glands → basic areas Avoid thermal procedures. Antibiotics hamper and slow down the effective recovery. 3–7 days
Abscess Areas surrounding the abscess and the corresponding segment. Having any discharge, slightly press the electrode to promote this process With a scalpel make a punctate incision in the region of fluctuation. Abscess will be drained by itself as far as necessary. No drugs should be taken. Put a bactericidal plaster after session. 2–7 days
Trophic ulcer The corresponding segment → areas above and around the ulcer → lymph drainage passageways → basic areas Concentrate treatment upon pathogenetic cause of the ulcer. 18–25 days
1–2 courses
Hematoma Area of hematoma → lymph drainage passageways → the corresponding segment → spleen → adrenal glands → thyroid gland The earlier the treatment is started the better the effect is. 3–4 days
Phantom limb pains The stump → the corresponding segment → symmetric areas → basic areas Alternate automatic mode of action with subjective mode. q. s.
until the pains are eliminated