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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Principles of recovery in SCENAR-therapy

To produce effective treatment results, SCENAR-therapist should know and be able to explain the principles of recovery to the patient. The task of SCENAR-doctor is not curing all the diseases in the world, which would be just impossible, but understanding the fundamental laws of nature and being able to explain them to the patient, i. e. teaching the patient how to bear the disease and to recover effectively and properly.

The recovery is quicker and easier in a clearing and moving body.

The recovery is taking a right course when at first the state of mind is improved and after that — the body condition that manifests from the inside out, down from the top, from later disorders to earlier ones, from more to less vital organs.

Recovery with SCENAR-therapy is a constant dynamics of manifestations of the body: dynamics of emotional condition of the patient, dynamics of complaints, dynamics of condition of the skin and musculoskeletal systems, dynamics of condition of the internals and all body systems, change of the intensity of manifestations, their transferring, substitution of one for another.

The later the disease the quicker the recovery.

Exacerbation of the disease is a natural process of recovery. During exacerbation the recovery is more effective and quicker.

Children recover much quicker.

The process of recovery is more effective when the whole family is treated.

When the patient does not desire to recover, the change for the better during SCENAR-therapy is slower and not so effective, and, vice versa, being eager to recover, even the patients in a very severe condition revived maybe not “at a go”, but very quickly. The recovery starts in the patient’s mind.

The worse (acuter), the better.

Every organism is individual and needs its own period of time to react upon the action of the device. Some people react sooner, others — later. Some bodies respond with pronounced manifestations, others — with latent.

First functional condition is improved, then organic changes are eliminated.

Now here are some explanations of the above-said

When emotional condition is improved, and physiological manifestations of the disease worsen (but are not of pathological character) it means that you are doing everything in the right way.

In the course of treatment disease manifestations appear and disappear in chronological order, inverse to the order they appeared in: the earlier the disease occurred the later it will be eliminated. Frequently the patients notice some manifestations of the organism that they had had long before the therapy was started. Such observations are appropriate to chronic disorders but sometimes in acute condition as well.

A human body in all its manifestations (in ill condition as well) is an extremely intelligent self-regulating system. No one process or clinical symptom should be considered as a mistake of our body activity. Any change of the condition is a manifestation of the momentary effort of the body to restore both the inner balance and balance with the environment. SCENAR action makes this intelligent self-regulating system order and harmonize functioning of organs and systems.

Exacerbation of the disease is like an inuring for the body, another step forth in bioenergetic level and forming individual stable immunity. You should sincerely express your satisfaction with exacerbations so that the patient shares it with you. The worse (acuter) the manifestation of the disease during the course of therapy the better and more effective the recovery. In SCENAR history there was no patient who would die from exacerbation, though sometimes this period is not very easy to endure. If the patient can bear this period without taking medications, the recovery is always more effective.

“Negative” effect in SCENAR-therapy is not at all worsening, but a part of the recovery process. It is very important to appreciate the achieved result to its true value and be able to wait. It is necessary to realize that these exacerbation processes are temporary and will be definitely eliminated in the course of time.

The recovery starts from the top parts of the body and proceeds down to the lower parts. For example, the condition of the patient suffering from arthritis is considered as improved if the pains in the neck decreased and the pain sensations in the fingers remained.