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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Markers (signs) of recovery

  1. The dynamics of body reactions. The presence of the dynamics testifies to recovery process. And first of all, there should be dynamics of emotional condition.
  2. SCENAR-exacerbations are the dynamics as well.
  3. The dynamics of the device operation at every session.
  4. The dynamics of functions of the organs and systems.
  5. The dynamics of bioenergetics of the organs and systems (examination according to Voll’s method).

The positive dynamics is considered above all. But even the short negative dynamics may lead to recovery. It is the short duration of the negative reaction that is important.

The negative dynamics is caused by completion of the cycle of development of an adapting reaction that failed to have been completed in the past. The occurred negative dynamics testifies to start of self-regulation. It cannot be otherwise when you apply SCENAR. It can be otherwise when the patient is scared with the short exacerbation and aggravation of symptoms because he has not been explained the cause of this effect and he starts using some other ways of treatment, stops the course of SCENAR-therapy and, as a result, self-regulation breaks off (and remains incomplete) or the patient has no will to complete it that leads to prolonged exacerbation.