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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Disorders of digestive system

One of the principles of SCENAR-therapy in treatment of digestive system disorders is refusing any diet from the first day of treatment. You should also keep in mind that the diet can be sparing and training and sometimes proper nutrition is the only means for coping with many body disorders. One should not underestimate the optimal nutrition and clearing of the body as this influences self-regulation and causing recurrences of some disorders.

Diagnosis Areas to act upon Characteristics of the procedures Course of treatment
Gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer Epigastric and pyloroduodenal regions → the corresponding segments → all abdominal areas until the trigger area is revealed → basic areas The action should be maximum concentrated on the painful area. Try to eliminate pain during the session. As a rule, ulcers cicatrize on the 5–7 day of treatment 7–10 days
Acute/chronic enterocolitis Paraumbilical area (for small intestine) and projection of the large intestine → all abdominal areas until the trigger area is revealed → the corresponding segments → basic areas Try to eliminate “sticking” of the electrode on the abdomen during the session Acute condition
3–7 days

Chronic condition
10–14 days, 1–2 courses
Peritonitis The whole abdominal surface → 4LI (4II) → other basic areas The session (especially the first one) should last for no less than 1 hour. The next procedures during the day may be shorter q. s.
as a rule, no less than 7 days
Hepatitis, dyskinesia of the biliary ducts, postcholecystectomy syndrome Right hypochondrium → the whole surface of the abdomen → corresponding segments → basic areas Look for the trigger area even in the right hypochondrium 10–14 days, 1–2 courses
Cholelithiasis Right hypohondrium (point of the gallbladder) → the corresponding segment → the whole surface of the abdomen → basic areas → point of the gallbladder Alternate automatic mode with subjective mode and trace the dynamics of hyperemia in the right hypohondrium appearing in the course of action 10–14 days, 1–2 courses
Pancreatitis Projection of the pancreas in the epigastric region → the whole surface of the abdomen → the corresponding segments → basic areas Alternate vertical and horizontal posing of the electrodes in automatic mode upon the projection of the pancreas 10–14 days, 1–2 courses