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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Rules of treatment

Actually, rules of treatment are SCENAR-technique requiring additional explanation and proficiency that comes with the experience. That is why, we provide the most essential information.

If you decided to use SCENAR, you must love:

  • the patient,
  • yourself.

SCENAR-therapy is a creative and variable process at every session.

The human body is individual and SCENAR-therapy cannot give you ready-made recipe for any case, but it has some basic schemes, variable for every patient and session.

In the course of SCENAR-therapy it is impossible to predict the reaction of the body upon the action — it depends on many factors.

You should create positive attitude of the patient towards SCENAR and try to concentrate his consciousness on his health, but not disease.

The treatment is provided through action upon the skin and accessible mucous membranes in a pose maximum convenient for the patient and treatment. The areas intended for action should be free from clothing. In case of need, the hair must be removed (if it prevents the electrode from contact with skin) or moistened.

If it is impossible to act directly upon the pathological areas (plaster cast, wound), symmetric areas should be treated.

You should work both with the organism and the pathology itself. But your main attention should be concentrated on the entire reaction of the body.

Complaints of the patient can help you to determine the areas requiring special attention. First of all, the treatment should be provided for actual active complaint.

If the pain appears while moving, SCENAR should be put upon the place where the pain occurred. When the action is chasing the moving pain, the condition of the patient improves much quicker. In cases when there are no complaints but pain appearing while moving, the treatment should be executed in the process of moving. If secondary characteristics appear, the action should be transferred to the areas of their manifestation and you should try to continue treating them until they are eliminated.

In case of asymmetry, the asymmetric area should be treated until the dynamics is achieved; it would be better if the action is continued until the asymmetry is eliminated or the contrary characteristic appears. The most important goal in treatment is dynamics (dynamics of complaints, manifestations, emotional and somatic condition).

Dynamics — is the only criterion of successful treatment.

When the subjective improvement of the patient’s condition is achieved, the procedure can be stopped. When there is observed no dynamics, only slight patient’s subjective effect, you should search trigger areas, enlarge the area for action horizontally and along the segment, and include the basic areas for action.

If you have started treating the patient, you must complete it.

And here are some more philosophic views

  • Verything is possible in this world, even if it seems impossible, especially in medicine.
  • Trust only yourself, your own experience, be penetrated with all information you get.
  • The more you work with SCENAR, the more possibility of curing the patient.