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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment


SCENAR-exacerbations are body reactions not available before treatment and arising only in the course of therapy. They occur in 90% of cases. In actual fact, SCENAR-exacerbations are the part of the recovery process, its natural and logical course, incomplete adapting reactions that tend to complete the development cycle. Every arising reaction is biologically expedient and can be explained. The main question here is not “why?” but “what to do?” when exacerbation occurred. You have to do nothing. Just continue your course of recovery. Your composure, confidence and your optimism concerning the exacerbation will result in the most favourable emotional condition and further recovery of the patient.

The body may react in following ways:

1. Reactions during the procedure of SCENAR-treatment (they are short, disappear by themselves, in actual fact, they are like “vegetative storm”, arise in about 10% of cases, usually during the first — second session):

  • collapse (accompanied by semisyncopal condition) or, vice versa, increased arterial pressure;
  • weakness, cold sweat, chill, trembling, nausea, vomiturition;
  • headache, pain in the region of the heart, pain of any other location, floating pain;
  • tachycardia, palpitation, arrhythmia;
  • non-adequate behaviour.

You should continue treatment until these symptoms disappear. They are manifestations of the recovering organs and systems, pointing at the areas requiring treatment at the moment. These symptoms will disappear in any case, even if you stop the action.

2. Postponed reactions (occur usually on the first — second and the fifth — eighth day, but every body is individual and unique, that is why there is no exact time; the more advanced the disease is, the later (sometimes on the 15th day) the reactions manifest):

  • various pains: in internals, muscles, joints, vertebral column, head, teeth, etc.;
  • various sensations: numbness, paresthesia, itching;
  • purifying reactions: high temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, coming off of the sand, skin eruption of various kinds, discharge (from respiratory tracks and genitals, i. e. from all mucous membranes);
  • lymphadenitis, angina, acute resipatory viral infection, exacerbation of otorhynolaryngological organs disorders and teeth disorders;
  • impaired vision, hearing, and sensibility;
  • brittleness and shedding of hair, brittleness of the nails, dry skin, exfoliation of skin on the palms and feet, edemas.

All these signs are characterized by good dynamics and short duration; as a rule, they cause no disorders of functions (that is to say, the manifestations are mostly tolerable) and no one failed to overcome this aggravated condition so far. If during the course of treatment the patient has no exacerbations and his condition is improved gradually and smoothly, most certainly, he is one of those 10% of people who recover without exacerbations. These body signs will help you in effective treatment of your patients.