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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Disorders of respiratory organs

The treatment of any disorder of respiratory system should be started with action upon the large intestine. Cleansing enema is obligatory to provide quick and effective recovery. It should be noted that such procedure is desirable for any kind of treatment, and SCENAR as well, especially for treatment of respiratory disorders.

The patient should provide appropriate conditions for respiratory organs — the walks in the fresh air are obligatory.

Diagnosis Areas to act upon Characteristics of the procedures Course of treatment
Acute respiratory viral infection 6 points → 3 tracks → 4LI (4II) → abdomen → collar area → palm (region of tenar) The leading areas revealed during treatment may be treated with 3 hours’ pauses, all the rest should be treated 1–2 times a day 1–3 days
Tracheitis, bronchitis Jugular notch → chest → lungs projection with the leading area → abdomen → basic areas No medications 7–10 days
Pneumonia, pleurisy Lungs projection with the leading area → basic areas → abdomen No medications 10–14 days
Bronchial asthma
Attack condition
Jugular area 2–5 minutes → middle chest 2–5 minutes → C7 2–5 minutes → “herring-bone” pattern until the attack is eliminated → abdomen → 6 points → 3 tracks (especially in adrenal glands region) “Herring-bone” pattern — only after the patient starts feeling better, energy should be as much as tolerable, symmetric areas should be acted upon simultaneously q. s. until the attack is eliminated.
Chronic sluggish condition Abdomen → basic areas → adrenal glands → “herring-bone” pattern All medications and inhalers should be excluded if possible (hormonal ones as well) but first-aid should be available 15–20 days, acting every day or every other day; 1–2 courses
Tuberculosis Abdomen → lungs projection → adrenal glands → basic areas → palms (tenar) No tuberculostatics medications 15 (rarely 20) days, acting every other day if the disease is taking a sluggish course; 1–3 courses, depending on the affection and severity of the disease