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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Choosing the areas to act upon and time of treatment

The action should be executed upon the painful skin areas or the projection of the sore organ (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.). To increase the effect of treatment, act upon symmetric areas. If the reaction upon the action is not pronounced at the session, the area for action should be broadened along the horizontal or the segment. Classical approach to treatment implies action upon the basic areas.

If the recurring acting is executed within 24 hours, basic areas may be neglected and the action should be concentrated upon the areas with pronounced complaints and their segments.

The main principle of action is — do not overdo. It is senseless and ineffective to treat the whole body at once. It is necessary to find those areas that will be acted upon most effectively. Finding them requires special skills and experience.

Areas being first-priority for action are:

  1. areas with maximum complaint;
  2. areas having skin characteristics;
  3. areas with intensive sound receipting of cyclic indicator.

The time of action is determined by dynamics of the body reactions and tactics of treatment. There are some signs indicating that the action is sufficient and can be stopped:

  1. cyclic indicator of precise action dose becomes silent;
  2. subjective bettering;
  3. reddening of skin under the electrode;
  4. dynamics of the characteristic — elimination of the characteristic or change to the contrary one.