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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment

Disorders of urinary system

As a rule, all disorders of urinary system are caused due to more or less pronounced anomaly. However, this cannot hamper effective SCENAR-action. Even congenital anomalies can be reversible, especially in children.

Diagnosis Areas to act upon Characteristics of the procedures Course of treatment
Renal colic Maximum painful area → projection of the kidneys and ureters from behind → from the front → basic areas Alternate automatic mode with subjective mode along the ureters 1–3 days, depending on duration and intensity of coming off of the concrements
Urethritis, cystitis Lumbosacral region → suprapubic area → areas of kidneys and ureters → basic areas It is recommended to act upon perineum (scrotum and urethra) as well 3–5 days for acute condition;

10–12 days for chronic condition;

1, rarely 2 courses
Pyelonephritis Area of the kidneys and ureters from behind and from the front → basic areas 10–14 days, in chronic condition recurring course is expedient
Glomerulonephritis Area of kidneys → abdomen → basic areas Acute condition
10–14 days

Chronic condition
15–21 days, 1–3 courses
Urolithiasis Area of kidneys → projection of the ureters from the front and from behind → basic areas The treatment produces best effect during exacerbation period 12–14 days, 1–3 courses
Enuresis Lumbosacral region → suprapubic area → head → basic areas Alternate automatic mode with the subjective mode and trace the dynamics in lumbar region 7–10 days,
1–2 courses