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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment


The experience of treating the patients with SCENAR helps to realize that there are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable patients. Oncologic disorders, in actual fact, can be considered as any other chronic diseases and are characterized by the same recovery patterns. The stage of the disease does not matter much in this case.

The root of the problem lies not in the disease itself but in the patient’s mind. There are people that do not consider their recovery as a purpose in their lives. And these are the cases when you will most certainly fail in treatment. Considering all that, there are two approaches to treatment of oncologic pathologies with SCENAR-therapy.

The first way is when the patient is eager to recover and is ready to do everything he can for that and promotes his recovery not only in words but in practice as well. If it is a child, then his parents must have a strong desire for their child to recover and make all possible efforts contributing to effective treatment and recovery. In this case the treatment will be effective. As for treatment of all chronic conditions, the course of therapy should make up 1–4 courses of 15–20 days each followed by healthy living. It is very important to instill in patient the faith not only in SCENAR and SCENAR-therapist, but in himself and his own power and ability to recover.

Another way is when the health is sacrificed to some idea, pressure of work, preoccupation, muddle or just when the person leads purposeless, lonely and useless life and the disease is the only way for him to attract attention. Such people consider their life as a game — destructive, full of paradoxes, and rewarding with some trifle prizes. In this case the patient does not want or already is not able to strive for himself, his health, and his life. Unfortunately, SCENAR or whatever else cannot help in this situation. The recovery cannot be compelled.

Anyway, there are always relatives, friends or close associates who worry about this person and they will certainly beg you to help. And it is necessary to know how SCENAR can be useful in this complicated situation.

SCENAR can abate pain and all other manifestations of the disease, reduce the amount of pain-killers, and make the patient calmer and quieter. With SCENAR the patient will live his last days with less suffering.

The patient must be explained the significance of the methods of therapy applied for treatment of such disorders. Some of them promote increase of bioenergy and immunity (SCENAR is one of the most effective means), the others, vice versa, suppress all this and exclude self-regulation and restoration capacity (such methods as chemotherapy, radiation treatment, surgical operation, etc.). The patient always has a right to choose which method is more appropriate for him. And no one can deprive him of this right. But if SCENAR-therapy is chosen, there should be no way to compromise — no chemotherapy, no radiation. Otherwise, it may result in no recovery.

To sum it all up, your work with the patient during SCENAR-therapy is a whole complex of procedures including psychotherapy, body clearing, moving activity, proper food, breathing, etc.