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A. A. Karasev, S. V. Aleshin

Recommendations on SCENAR and COSMODIC treatment


The most reliable and harmless cosmetological effect is achieved by natural methods, and SCENAR is a leading one among them. Rejuvenation during the course of SCENAR-therapy is a natural effect. The internals are cleared, and, consequently, rejuvenated that results in bettering of skin and body condition. Purposive treatment of the skin in cosmetological mode results in more pronounced rejuvenation effect.

Regeneration cycle of the skin cells is 21 days. Hence, the course of treatment makes up 21–25 days to achieve the desirable cosmetological effect. But you will never succeed in improving the patient’s health and appearance if he himself does not want this. Of course the treatment will produce the effect but only temporarily.

If the person you are going to treat is eager to have more beautiful appearance, if you have inculcated this desire in him (or her), and if the patient is ready to do everything he can for realization of this desire, you may easily start the treatment and be sure of success.

Of course, the SCENAR-treatment should be supported with clearing of the body, moving, and adequate food, otherwise, all your efforts may fail and it is not because of SCENAR; in this case, no super-drugs or super-methods of treatment can help. If the patient has been started SCENAR-treatment but does not follow the prescribed food restrictions, clearing of the body, physical load, the outcome is evident. In actual fact, this means that the patient has no wish to improve his condition himself and shifts this responsibility onto SCENAR, SCENAR-therapist or whatever or whoever else. As a result, this person will most certainly remain in the condition he has been before treatment.

If you are in agreement with the patient, the effect of treatment will not keep you waiting, and SCENAR will accelerate it. It concerns many things that usually disturb the patients requiring cosmetological treatment, such as cellulites, loose and wrinkled skin, stretching of the skin, and abnormal weight. The healthy body strives for ideal weight. SCENAR provides improvement of health and promotes normalization of weight 2–3 months later after treatment.

The areas should be acted upon for 15–20 minutes. The electrodes should be moved along the skin folds. The intensity level should be subliminal: comfortable pricking and jerking. When treating with SCENAR 612, use no more than 40% capacity that is indicated by two green LEDs at the most. While acting, make slight massaging movements or press the device or remote point-contact electrodes firmly to the skin. The indications of the cyclic indicator of precise action dose may be neglected, as the action should be concentrated upon the treatment of certain pathologies.