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Why I am using EV01Ag probe

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 11.06.2014
I am often asked why I am using and recommending to my patients one-sphere EV01Ag vaginal electrode and why it is so popular among users. This...

Recommendations for current technology of SCENAR-COSMODIC

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 3.06.2014
General comments:

In the past each device has had its merits within a different spectrum of conditions. This has meant that we have had to...

Observations since more use with Slider x2

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 9.04.2013
I have noticed that when working with Slider x2 I feel that I have an increased sense of connection with the body of the individual that...

First overview and impressions of the EX735Ag (Slider x2)

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 25.03.2013
Handle of device feeling — nice weight and feel to device. A good energy feel from this device. Signal felt very comfortable and stabile. Very...

Results of testing of the new EX715Ag

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 26.02.2013
This device — a great advance forward from its previous incarnation. I have found this small device to be very reliable, fast and efficient....

Report on one sphere EV probe

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 9.08.2012
After first use Expecting an immediate change to lower regions, I was surprised to feel a more obvious change in sensations in the head. A...

First impressions on the new version of EX735Ag Modific

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 3.08.2011
I feel this device is doing far more than its predecessor.

Modific or Mini, that is the question…

Overviews | Alexandr Karasev | 15.04.2009
It is not a question, if you can afford all you want… Imagine… “EX735Ag Modific I will have at home for my family, EX715Ag — specially...

First findings on the PS705Ag mini

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 3.02.2009
10 December 2008 Disadvantages: 1. The first thing that I noticed is that my hand became very uncomfortable very quickly, holding such a small unit and in one place with pressure.

Report of the first findings of the EX735Ag Modific

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 12.05.2008
Recommended purpose: I have so ascertained that this device can instigate the fastest reaction so far within the CNS therefore I treat with...

Some earnest thoughts…

Overviews | Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik | 25.03.2008
Dear Alexander Alexandrovich! Here is what I think about the new one — “Golden Smarty” (this is how I call the new device — EX735Ag...

The SCENAR fair: 2007 review (part 2)

Overviews | Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM | 7.11.2007
As we by now undoubtedly know, COSMODIC is qualitatively different than SCENAR, even though they are both based on electrical stimulation (or...

First impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 28.09.2007
After having used the EX735Ag for one week I have observed that the action of this device is far more penetrative than its predecessor. In most...

The SCENAR fair: 2007 review

Overviews | Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM | 17.07.2007
One of the gifts of growing old is to watch the world changing around you and, if it changes in accordance with your predictions, to say: “I...

Report for VX735Ag with Gold Electrodes

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 5.04.2007
Recommended Purpose Since June 2006 till February 2007 the conditions treated with gold electrodes were: ME MS arthritis headaches musculoskeletal...

Report on Testing the PS705mini in Russian Hospital

Overviews | T. A. Shepeleva | 20.10.2006
The device is very powerful: it quickly eliminates inflammatory reactions and pain in cases of inflammatory diseases of female genital system....

Report on Testing the PS705 in Russian Hospital

Overviews | V. V. Iljina | 17.10.2006
February 13, 2006 — April 13, 2006. There were treated 47 patients, age 17 to 83 yrs., having the following diseases: osteochondrosis, arthrosis...

COSMODIC ERA (continued)

Overviews | Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM | 23.05.2006
his essay came as a result of an interview with Alexander Karasev (AK), which I promised to OneMedicine newsgroup. The interview aimed at ‘demystifying’...

Report on the new version of model PS705 in UK

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 6.03.2006
Based on experience since December 29, 2005 until February 13, 2006. Recommended purpose I think that it is and will be a very good device...

The COSMODIC Era — SCENAR 715 & 735

Overviews | Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM | 7.11.2005
Attention, all the browsers of the SCENAR Fair! There is a new arrival to the SCENAR family. Two beautiful ladies are being introduced by LET Medical: twin sisters EX715Ag and EX715Au

Report on first results of testing of model EX715Ag

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 30.09.2005
Based on experiences since 1st September 2005 until 26th September 2005. Recommended purpose I think the best purposes for the 715 are...

EX715Ag — impressions after 12 days of use

Overviews | Vivienne Constad | 29.09.2005
Comments September 12, 2005 (first 12 days of use) 1. Size is quite small to hold for any length of time, especially if this for home use...

VX735Ag — first weeks results

Overviews | Noor Mohammed | 4.08.2005
Below are the results achieved by the new user with 735Ag during his first week of using the device. July 18, 2005 This morning I used...

SCENAR series model VX 735-5 — making progress

Overviews | Vitaliy Valerievich Zubarev | 10.10.2003
SCENAR series model VX735-5 embodies principles of ancient oriental medicine, which considered that human disorders should be treated with vibrations...