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Results of testing of the new EX715Ag

Vivienne Constad | 26.02.2013

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

This device — a great advance forward from its previous incarnation.

I have found this small device to be very reliable, fast and efficient. More stabile than the last EX715Ag.

Placing it on the skin I find it very gentle and pleasing. Very quickly it appears to give an improved sense of

wellbeing regardless of current presenting symptoms.

The device is very attractive. Feels good on the skin. It appears to give a feeling of wellbeing as opposed to a tingle. People like it but they don’t know why especially. After treating, they know that they feel good and their symptoms have changed, but not many of them know why and cannot say. This has made me smile on many occasions.

Uses and benefits

Use for this new model is specifically, in my opinion, most and best useful for the home user.

Easy to use, understand for any non-professional individual.

Seeing the display at first was slightly alarming. The movement of the icon within the circle when treating appeared irregular in shape and was confusing at first. However it did not take long for me to understand that this was a new and deliberate feature!

The impulse is very gentle but the treatment it gives is extremely good.

I can say that the people I have been testing this device with have been unsure at first but agreed to my using it. Then later have exclaimed how surprised they were that it felt every bit so good as the usual session and most have said it felt better but they don’t know how.

It has lasted as well with all but two who said they had two less days before symptoms returned.

I feel somehow that this device is very stabile and strong in my hand (as far as energy is concerned). I have been so happy to have it, as it gave me great results with all my patients.

Recommendations on use

I would suggest that if one wishes to find the important and beneficial places to begin treating, one can easily move over the problem area in mode S1, to discover the skin impedance, which would feel a little like a sticky area. Once found, the work could be then done more deeply by holding the device here for a period to allow it to dose and beep. Then moving to the next place of interest.

It is possible to use the diagnostic, which takes readings and indicates this with a horizontal bar.

Action modes

I believe that the best action mode for overall general treating is to be S1. This mode will take the reading and then slip quickly into treating. If you wish to see readings then you can, just look below at the horizontal bars. The device quickly will go into treating once the reading has been registered. However the treating it will give is surprisingly efficient and every bit as pleasing after the treatment session has completed as a professional model. The longevity of the beneficial effect appears to last not quite as long as a professional model but longer than the first aid model of PS705 mini and longer than I had expected.

I consider so far that for joints, painful knees, and locomotor issues S2 and S3 are more specific as they feel more beneficial in sensation on the area, for example knees. A warming sensation can be felt deep inside which can be very easing. These settings will sustain longer periods of treating before dosing. After can give rise to tingling sensations to areas that have been affected and that have responded. This is very comforting to patients.

The beneficial reactions to these settings have also lasted longer than I had anticipated but once again not quite as long as with professional models.

Treating times

It is only a rough guide to say as of course every individual will respond differently in time taken, however, it is clear to see that a good treatment time in general for this device would be in my experience so far, approximately 30 to 40 minutes. With a combination of either one, or all modes.

Remote probes: use with EV probe

I can also say that using the EV01Ag attached to this device has its merits.

The change in local symptoms took 28 minutes to achieve and this effect lasted for a day. Further changes to affect the local area plus the entire body took me 47 minutes and lasted for 2 days.

Conditions treated

I have so far treated conditions of both neurological and mechanical/ structural / skeletal with the new EX715Ag.

I do not find it more beneficial for either one or the other. What I can say is that similarly to that of the professional model of late, more change is occurring to deeper levels of the body and changes can be subtler than they were in previous times. If you want to make more change to local symptoms the modes S2 and S3 are advised.


It has been a pleasure to test.

I like this device very much. Unlike the model EX715Ag that was prior to this. I feel this one is very reliable and its results are very pleasing.

It has the ability to work similarly to the older PS705Ag Mini in its immediate function for emergency issues with the addition that its benefits last longer.

I really like this device a lot.

Love the display in S2 and S3.

Feels good.

Works well.

Work lasts.

Is very gentle but strong.

Overall I would feel comfortable recommending this model for those who do not wish to go so far as the expense of a professional model and have not so many people that wish to be using it as from its size and what we know from its predecessor, it has to be a device for personal use only.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK