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First aid administered by a non-professional user with a SCENAR-COSMODIC device

Non-professinal use | Sergey Moiseevich Kolchenkov | 8.06.2014
Male patient, 57 yrs. In August 2012 the patient had fallen on a spiral stairs from a height of approx.2 storeys. The result was spinal injury:...

Impressions of the non-professional user after 2 weeks of use of EX715Ag

Non-professinal use | 28.02.2013
Reasons I bought the device (EX715) 1. Since 2008 I was diagnosed with melanoma of the calcaneal region. The first operation was in February 2008

Using SCENAR-COSMODIC devices at home for family needs and testing new EX735Ag Modific

Non-professinal use | V. T. Ivanchenko | 11.03.2012
I am familiar with these devices since 2004. After I have had treatment with doctor, Candidate of Medical Science, I.I.Fedotyuk, I learnt about...

My cat and the Scenar (EX735Ag Modific)

Non-professinal use | Joan Smethurst | 16.01.2012
I enclose two photographs of my silver Maine Coon cat, Argie. He became very ill aged 2 years, following several vaccinations. He developed pneumonia...

Results of using EX735Ag for gastroparesis

Non-professinal use | 19.03.2008
The last 5 years I have been suffering from gastroparesis like symptoms with varying severity. Gastroparesis has a range of symptoms including:...

A letter from the user of VX735L (scleroderma)

Non-professinal use | Wilbert Lentz | 16.10.2007
I bought one of these units from you in June, 2006, and have found it very useful

Preliminary results and personal impressions of using EX715Ag and PS705Ag for treatment of my son, suffering from epilepsy

Non-professinal use | 23.03.2007
Male patient, 23 years old. Diagnosis: Epilepsy My son was treated with EX715Ag from May 30, 2006 till February 17, 2007 Before we started...

EX715Ag — A non-professional’s initial report on personal use

Non-professinal use | Ken Sawyer | 25.04.2006
My reasons for choosing this model I was already familiar with “LET Medical” Scenar treatment, albeit as recipient patient. I was treated...