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Impressions of the non-professional user after 2 weeks of use of EX715Ag

| 28.02.2013

Reasons I bought the device (EX715)

1. Since 2008 I was diagnosed with melanoma of the calcaneal region. The first operation was in February 2008 — excision, plastic surgery of the piece from the calf area, and Ilizarov's apparatus. At the end of February the Ilizarov's apparatus was removed, the stiches are put in from calf to heel (the piece was transplanted with nutrient vessel). Unfortunately, the transplanted piece was rejected and the wound in the region of the heel didn’t heal.

In 2009 biopsy of the tissue from the wound showed the presence of “bad” cells. As a result, there was secondary excision.

A year later, in 2011 I underwent the third operation (all went according to the previous “scenario”), but this time, the professor decided to divide the excised piece into 12 sectors and investigate each of them separately. The tests revealed hyperplasia in segments on “12 o’clock” and on “6 o’clock”. The outcome — I was on the surgical table for the fourth time! To provide healing of the big part of the tissue, the skin graft was taken from the hip. After the operation, approximately 70% of the grafted tissue was accepted by the body. The wound still remained. Two times doctors tried to graft biological material from the Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately, with no effect.

I learned about your developments and devices from my friend. He managed to restore functions of his locomotor system within several sessions… when his menisci, on both legs, and arthrosis of the shoulder joint tortured him. After such an outcome he bought the 735 device and will never part with it now!

2. As most of male population, I have adenoma of prostate. This disease requires using adrenoceptor blocking drugs… Yes, I did tests for infections, bacterial inoculation, all clear!

Now my first impressions of the device (two weeks of use!)

1. After the first session (the spine from neck to coccyx, neck and head areas, had to moisten the hair) I slept all night through like a baby! I didn’t get up at night! In the morning, I woke up earlier than usual, feeling increase of energy.

2. During the second night I got up once, as usual. Such situation remained during the rest period of treatment. But! My body started to behave… like a young one! Erotic night dreams, morning erections.... Like when I was young.... To get up from the bed in more or less decent appearance, I now had to sit and wait for some time.... I additionally started treating groin area, region of urinary bladder, scrotum. Urinary stream was sometimes normal, at night — with no noticeable changes (poor stream).

Musculoskeletal system started functioning like in a young body, like 20–30 yrs old... I am a taekwondo instructor. But after 5 years of suffering with my diseases and limited movement ability, I could not perform kicks, abrupt movements. After 3–4 sessions my body functionabilty was restored!

3. Healing of the wound. Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t noticeably changed yet. During the first week, I treated the skin around the wound in automatic mode. Now I put electrodes directly on the wound area and treat it in massage mode C3, during 1 hour. I also use medications, such as wound dressing with Vinylinum, alternating with Curiosin… within a week, the wound looked better, it became a bit less in size, it seems, but still bleeding!

4. I had neurodermatitis on some parts of the skin. After using the device, the redness has gone and these areas are now “dry” spots.

According to your recommendations, I am having a break now, except I continue treating the wound.

(The user asked not to publish his personal data)

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”