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First impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag

Vivienne Constad | 28.09.2007

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

After having used the EX735Ag for one week I have observed that the action of this device is far more penetrative than its predecessor. In most cases the patient cannot feel the action on the skin at all but very quickly they have become aware of a slight to moderate vibration internally (a very subtle feeling) and then very, very quickly the symptom of which they complained of at the start of the session has been relieved.

In 3 out of 5 cases the symptoms that have dissipated have completely gone and not returned even after 9 days.

Recommended purpose:

  • first aid (help in shock conditions, domestic injuries, haematoma and swelling, cuts and burns etc)
  • minor or seasonal diseases and symptoms as in coughs, colds, blocked nose, sore throat, ears, frostbite, allergic reactions, increased or decreased blood pressure, fatigue, tiredness in general and tired eyes, etc.
  • all acute disorders including acute flare ups of chronic disorders
  • chronic disorders


Feeling of electrodes: much softer, more sensitive to imbalance, more finely tuned, like a very soft gentle massage

But the feeling for most persons is mild but comfortable at first and then often a vibration and some goes to nothing after a few minutes.

Working during a session:

Preliminary analysis — activity readings.

Compared to its baby sister EX715, which is similar in display, it is less distracting and more accurate. But in my opinion it is a more suited display for a home use or fully automated unit.

It does help in finding the areas of action.

It is difficult to find a secondary place to work once having treated the area of concern. Of course it is possible that all that is necessary has been done, however this is new for me.

Feelings and effects during treatment:

The patient’s feelings: that it is very comfortable, but for some it is very like nothing is happening until after a while the condition has changed.

I have found it useful that instead of keeping them focused as before, on what they are feeling and what is happening, that I should distract them and allow then to chat or so and this way they forget what is happening until suddenly they feel the pains are gone or the symptom is no longer there!

Fast or slow effect:

The effect with this device is SO fast. I can almost not believe it sometimes. The most obvious change is during treatment when they suddenly announce that the symptoms have all gone, and fast!

Effects after session:

It has been reported that the benefits from the session have lasted for an hour or 2 and then gradually towards the end of the day the symptoms have returned. Then after having woken the following morning the benefits have returned and are still lasting even until now

Techniques of action:

Placing still is definitely the way to go, but I still find it useful to just cross check myself by smoothing down as with the VX device, and also it is something I do after action also. Like a finish to a good massage.

The effects produced by holding still are more penetrative and allow the device to really get to grips with the issue at hand. It is a very quick device and this allows it to work at its full potential.


So far no complaint of any worsening at all. Only renewal of symptoms that then may have returned temporarily and then completely gone.

Personal and professional use:

This device is great for personal use, so easy to place and use.

The longer time is best, longer than in a professional session, but the effects are very, very good. Pain relief not as pronounced as with Scenar but the improvement is much greater.

So long as you are happy to just place it on the spot and wait there is nothing else to do, what could be easier?

Should you wish to get involved then that is more confusing and could need some extra help.

In combination with other models it is interesting. I used it with a VX735Ag (another practitioner) and the VX hastened the EX to complete a dose to the area.

Comparing the EX and the VX 735:

The EX is so far much improved with its treating. I would prefer to have treatment with this device on myself.

I do prefer the format of the VX device as a practitioner to work with, however I do anticipate that to change soon.


The power cannot be high enough for the comfort of some people.

Working with both devices can be confusing as the control buttons are in slightly different situ.


Treatment is hastened during session.

It is easy to let the patient chatter and pass the time.

The complaints seem to be dealt with more dramatically and without reactions.

The work of the EX735Ag is by far superior in its speed and efficacy, the way it feels for the patient and the depth that is works at.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK