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Some earnest thoughts…

Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik | 25.03.2008

Dear Alexander Alexandrovich!

Here is what I think about the new one — “Golden Smarty” (this is how I call the new device — EX735Ag with gold electrodes).

Within the last few days that I have this device I am “out of the frying pan into the fire”.

I don’t want to think that it can react upon emotional strain, as in this case you would need to implement additional protection system against emotions like “JOY” — this is how my foreign friends call me. Let me explain.

Emotions which I have from using the device are not just POSITIVE ALL THE TIME, even in spite of some patients (hard to deal with), they SWEEP OVER!

I have some reasons for that:


No need to “sleep on the patient”, waiting for completion of the dose. Time needed for treatment of one patient is now reduced to the minimum (at least two-three times as less).


Patients are more comfortable with treatment: “Wait a bit, my dear, we should not set the power ourselves. We have already set the task to the device, now IT knows better how to deal with it.” This I have to explain to the patients when the device increases the energy in automatic mode.

You should have seen the faces of the patients after such explanation! They become so... obedient, pleased and something like “satisfied with information”...

Now let me digress a little from all I said above. Here is how I start introducing the patient to this technology:

“Several generations of Russian scientists (Sechenov, Pavlov, Vygotskiy, Anokhin, Luria and others... don’t remember them all, yes, what a shame!) many years tried to understand how the pathological focus occurs in the body.

In 1998, Doctor of Biology, A. M. Kotlyarskiy, summarized the previous experience of other scientists and had come to the following conclusion (I am honored to have been a member of his scientific and practical school for 7 years, after I graduated from Faculty of Biology at University and Medical Institute):

Pathological focus occurs when the body — as a system, and the brain — as system control area, stop reacting upon “alarm” signals which come from a group of cells, an organ or tissue system. (Pain is nothing but maximum big regulating processes from the doubling organs or tissues (the law of the functional fovea), which start up to enable recovery of the suffering area. In other words, they have to do the double job. This may manifest, for example, in the form of inflammatory processes. All this requires using at least twice as much energy and building substrate.)

In other words, our body rejects the single alarm signals (which have pestered the body so much that now no one wants to hear them) like a lizard sheds its tail, in order to keep the rest intact.

This way single alarm signals drop out of the general regulating system and are just ignored, which means, they have to survive the way they can.

The doctor’s task is to understand the origin of the problem and create such situation that will make the brain start paying attention to the signals coming from the pathological focus again.

In the previous natural and scientific medicine this could be achieved with appropriate mineral saturation, relieving stress, etc.

Then what about long-standing pains, recurring exacerbations and other stuff like that?

The answer is clear — regulating processes which were suppressed, “treated”, “beaten”, etc., will start working again after some time. And again you suffer from pain, discomfort and have symptoms.

That is why, you can treat the disease only with that which, as Kotlyarskiy said, falls within the range of physiological regulation — only then you can achieve real recovery, not just “mend and plaster the chinks”.

How can we avoid such situation today (or at least lower the threshold for the brain to perceive pathological signals)? There is a system of visual feedback of Kotlyarskiy, which is labour-intensive and time-taking for the patient. It is a very beautiful and very effective system, though not accepted by the official medicine. We cannot use it officially, only sometimes, for ourselves.

Scientist A. A. Karasev found his own way (this is what I am telling the patients):

A signal from the pathological focus, which was “obstructed” by the body, is read off in the form of electromagnetic waves of various intensities, which enable detecting it. Then, when the device switches to re-translation mode, the signal is intensified up to the appropriate value and transmitted to the brain. All this happens every millisecond and according to the changes occurring in the pathological focus, which is being regulated by the body through natural mechanism and God only knows whatever else.

That is the reason, why you may experience the long-forgotten pain again, or intensified inflammation, or itch in your eye, etc. In other words, everything which was “underregulated” starts aching, itching, reddening, swelling etc.

Our task during treatment — yours and mine (I am saying to the patient) — is to follow a healthy diet, take mineral (made within 30 seconds) herbal tinctures and visit “Golden Smarty” regularly.

Do you think I interpret the physiological mechanism to the patients appropriately, or make it too simple? But after such explanation the patients have no more questions, become open-minded and the treatment process goes very quickly and cheerfully.

For many people SCENAR is still a “new” technology. Our patients are clever people, but their brains are overflowed with all that “panacea” stuff aggressively marketed all over. The official medicine has made its “contribution7rd too. Plus there are quite a lot of other “wizards” who offer Denases, American supplements and other shit in our region… Like drug dealers, really!!

That is why I have to make such introduction for every new patient coming for treatment.

But that is not the main topic for this discussion.


Now it is possible to really follow “device — patient” interaction. Sometimes the “propeller” makes 2–3 turns with only one response, or response reaction quickly becomes very low.

I have observed twice that there were 4 and 5 turns of the “propeller” with only 1 response. That means that the body is exhausted and we need to let it “rest for 2 or 3 days, sleep itself out, eat appropriate food, read a good book, and hang out “don’t disturb!” plate”, and then continue treatment.


3-а In this device not only “SCENAR — patient” feedback starts working but also “doctor — patient’s body”. That is quite DIFFERENT job. The job is really professional when the doctor can regulate himself:

  • number of sessions
  • time of the session
  • placement of the device to this or that area.

Now it is not an intuitive work, you can see HOW the body reacts upon being excited with enhanced but appropriate information!

From the point of view of health authorities, all this is bullshit — they want stiff schemes.

(Of course! They award diplomas to blockheads now! There is no professional filtering at all!!! That is why the situation is like this: doctor is a scheme, consequently, any treatment should be a scheme too!)

But it is SCENAR which shows how different we are, and that it is impossible to use any schemes for human beings!!!

That is another reason why I deeply respect scientist A. A. Karasev — he did manage such a wonderful technology be let through all those authorities!!!

Sending you my smiles. Doctor Gorelik.

Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik, Tumen