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SCENAR-therapist — Tumen, Russia

Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik
Medical centre “RA” LLC
11 Surgutskaia str., Tumen, Russia

tel. +7 3452 63 22 30
e-mail luch602@rambler.ru


  • Tumen State University. Faculty of Biology. Specialized in human physiology, animal physiology.
  • Tumen State Medical Institute. Specialized as General Practitioner.
  • Research-and-Practical School of Doctor of Biology, Professor A. M. Kotlyarsky. 7 years, in Moscow.

Specialized in Luminescent Medicine and Systemic Correction of the Human Health.

Before I met technology of A. A. Karasev, these were the happiest time of my professional life. I don’t think I will ever find anything like that.

Started private medical practice in 1990. I am the first doctor who founded private medical office in our region.

All these years I am “self-educating” :)). Thanks to the Research-and-Practical School of Kotlyarsky, I can use his wonderful expert system and have clear understanding of mechanisms of health and disease, physiological conformity of this or that method of treatment. I have followed all new trends and technologies which appeared on the “consumer” market.

From all those offered during 20 years we have only taken over three technologies, which we now work with. (And what stuff they have not offered!!!!!!)

“Sem-Techn” technology, Tomsk, Scientist Kozhemyakin.

“MDM” technology. Mesodiencephalic therapy. Originally — Karev technology.

And two years ago we have started working with SCENAR which became a diamond among all our technologies.

As diagnostic technologies, we use Mediscreen and SCENAR. Want to add Voll method.

All these technologies are non-invasive and are absolutely physiological.

In addition, we use two French LPG-complexes for kinesitherapy and massage.

Plus we develop individual programs for restoration of protein and mineral balance which we strongly recommend to our patients. We do not use any medications or biologically active additives. We only use mineral solutions made of herbs, which the patients can easily make within 30 seconds at home themselves.

With all these technologies we have a compact polyclinic which is functioning within 4 treatment rooms.

I have two young doctors who work with me (they are very open-minded, and that is really important!). I love them, I can trust them and teach them anything I know. In return they teach me the new things they learn, and I really appreciate this.


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