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Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik | 2.10.2008

He fell on his neck from the second floor. Landed on construction waste — fragments of bricks and timber and other things of the kind … He tried to save his head while falling, pressed his chin to the chest…

Well, he just gave up alcohol, a week ago. With the new adaptive processes, absent-mindedness and shaky movements it is not good to walk on the roofs at 56 yrs!

So, instead of taking him to emergency trauma department they brought him to me, as they know and trust me.

I had to examine him in the car. Blood pressure unstable. Any movement of the head make pupils contract to the size of a dot. Wet trousers. Legs and arms don’t “obey”. No dizziness, no nausea. No blood or other liquid from the nose. I think to myself: “Neck is broken”. Further transportation without medical help would be a big problem.

I put two remote electrodes attached to VX735 on his neck (on the places which I could reach without giving him too much pain). In CS mode, energy 20% the situation would look scary for many. Patient’s legs started jumping up and crossing. As the patient was a common carpenter, but a very gifted one, I accepted his swearing as normal reaction. After listening to all his vivid words with which he expressed what he was feeling I understood why no one can win us — that was such a strong language!!!

While the man was practicing his colourful speech, SCENAR was doing its job. Five minutes later I switched the device off and asked the patient to try moving his legs and then checked his arms.

His only words were: “Doctor, … ….. ….. they work again!!!”

I switched the device on again without shifting the electrodes. Legs “calmed down”, pupils became normal, his language had more percentage of normal words now. Fifteen minutes later I offered him an injection of anesthetic. He was happy! I brought an injection of vitamin B6 into the car. About 7 minutes later the injection “worked” and the patient was ready to get out of the car and go into my treatment room on the second floor.

He could do this with the help of two big men. Took his pullover off.

I put him on a couch with his face down. Oh my God! His whole occiput, neck up to the T2 — black and blue swelling. I examined his head and base of the head — no fractures or damage. We used a comb attachment, as he had thick hair. This time I used SCENAR impulse and we had to work for nearly 3 hours. During this time the patient wanted to pee twice: first time — into the pail, second time — he managed to go to the toilet room. Blood pressure normalized, he could keep his head without much pain and problems. He announced he was hungry and wanted to go home. The swelling gone, skin colour was nearly normal.

I had to explain to him that he needed to make at least 5 X-rays, so that his doctor (i.e. myself) could feel some relief that he would be OK. I called trauma department so that they would be waiting for him. However, these guys, instead of rushing to the hospital, went to another part of the town for the insurance policy, and got to hospital only an hour later. After the X-ray doctors were shocked: “displaced fracture of the spinous process of the C3”. And all that without any neurological issues and with the patient being in satisfactory condition!!! Just slight pain syndrome.

Today is the fourth day since he is in the traction device. No neurological issues. Sleep, appetite — normal.

August 28, 2008

Zoya Leonidovna Gorelik, Tumen, Russia