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Report on Testing the PS705mini in Russian Hospital

T. A. Shepeleva | 20.10.2006

The device is very powerful: it quickly eliminates inflammatory reactions and pain in cases of inflammatory diseases of female genital system. After 3–4 sessions the pain subsided nearly completely. Results of blood tests varied within 24 hours. It is difficult to make any precise assessments of the results of treatment as patients who have been treated at hospital also took medications. This group included 12 patients.

Another group consisted of 10 patients who were treated postoperatively. Postoperative stitches were treated with PS705mini right after the operation, when the patient was yet on surgical table and within the next 3 days after operation (as after 3 days further treatment was not needed). Pain in the region of wounds treated with PS705mini subsided very quickly as compared to the control group (10 patients). On the 2nd or 3rd day after operation the patients treated with PS705mini did not take pain-killers. In control group patients had to continue taking pain-killers during 4–5 days after operation.

Postoperative stitches in patients who were administered SCENAR-therapy with PS705mini healed quickly. No complications were observed.

A patient in the control group had deep and extensive hematoma of postoperative stitch accompanied by severe pain syndrome and high temperature (38°C). She was appointed for hematoma surgery to remove the blood. After the 1st session with PS705mini, the temperature normalized, pain significantly subsided. After the 2nd session the patient had nearly no pain at all. She was discharged from hospital, hematoma surgery was not needed.

1 patient was treated for mammary fibroadenoma and three patients for hysteromyoma. These four cases need some time for the effect of treatment to manifest, so the results are not known yet.

1 patient was treated for ovarian cyst — 7 sessions before menstruation and 7 sessions after menstruation. During control ultrasound scan and vaginal examination no cyst was found.

1 person from the staff had pain syndrome in the lumbar region of the spine due to osteochondrosis. Other models of SCENARs which she had tried before produced medium pain-relieving effect (she had 5 sessions). After one session with SCENAR PS705mini (30 minutes), the pain has gone nearly completely. Only some slight sensations remained, but they did not disturb her.

Unusual reactions during treatment were observed in 4 cases. I experienced the same sensations (though not as pronounced) as the patients whom I treated with PS705mini.

In one case I experienced the same symptoms and sensations which were even much more pronounced than the patient had. This patient was diagnosed psoriasis, third degree of obesity, hypothyroidism. There was a bluish spot (apparently venous hemangioma) below her left scapula which she had from childhood. When I started treating this area, I felt sharp pain in the right side of the body starting from my lower jaw and going through to lower part of the abdomen. Periodically the pain increased in the region of liver and chest and then I had a sharp headache. The patient whom I treated experienced the same sensations but much less pronounced than I had. I nearly half-fainted, experienced tachycardia and cold sweat. When I stopped working with the device my condition improved. When I started to treat the patient again, I experienced the same symptoms again.

In general it’s a good device.

Main advantage is that the device is small enough for you to take it anywhere with you and at the same time it can treat even serious pathological conditions.


  1. The small size of the device is not very convenient for long treatments — the hands get tired.
  2. Battery replacement is not a very convenient procedure as I need to have a screw-driver with me. If the patients see this, they may not take this device serious.
  3. The cover of the plastic casing which needs to be opened for battery replacement has rather gentle holders inside. I had to be careful not to damage them and this takes a bit longer time to replace the batteries.

Materials provided by a Doctor of Gynecology Department, T. A. Shepeleva.
Municipal Treatment-and-Prophylactic Institution, Emergency Hospital No.2, Rostov-on-Don.

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”