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Why I am using EV01Ag probe

Vivienne Constad | 11.06.2014
I am often asked why I am using and recommending to my patients one-sphere EV01Ag vaginal electrode and why it is so popular among users.

This probe appears to be an enormous help to those practitioners who do not have someone in their busy practice who will have time to work on them, as it enables a very good all round working for self-treatment.

In fact it addresses very well the first thing that the body addressees when in recovery, which is detox.

A warning to those with head issues i. e. migraine or regular style of head pain. Less is more!

The reason for this is, that the detox can be quite dramatic and in some cases with those who may be sensitive it is possible to dehydrate rapidly so I am constantly advising that an increase of water be taken and to build up length of time of use over a period of a few sessions until there is only a manageable amount of detox sensed each time after having worked.

It is most important to keep it clean, by disassembling and thoroughly cleaning after each use. If being used by just one person it can be washed in warm soapy water and then after this cleaned with surgical spirit after. But those who use them in a clinical setting must sterilise them after each use also. (As per any other medical equipment i.e. dental tools etc)

There is a placebo effect for some people when using the main device at the same time as using the EV probe, as when the brain notices that the area of complaint is also visually and simultaneously being treated, it can reinforce the message (by its knowing) and therefore appear more efficient. In these cases one needs to take more care not to overwork and cause greater detox sensations.

Finally but very importantly the EV probe has made a huge difference to the working of some clients with MS.

The way in which they have responded to the using of this probe appears to have enabled them to be achieving greater results and the ability to use more of the settings than with previous devices.

For example some of these clients have commented previously of only being able to work in either scenar or cosmodic settings for an ongoing period of time (depending on their current symptoms and condition level) as working in both caused them too much detox all at once and caused areas of recovery to be fragile until reaching the next healing plateau, after which they were able to choose another setting and work more. This affected their ability in some every day areas of life where they became shaky or unstable. The new EV probe has enabled the recovery to be more gentle / overall and their ability to use more of the settings the device has to offer without any disadvantage or awkward symptoms. This has been seen as a huge development.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK