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I. P. Komarova, N. S. Ryazanov

SCENAR-therapy with model 035-4


Surprising effects SCENAR-therapy produces in treatment of various acute and chronic diseases are difficult to explain from the scientific point of view. But real facts prove that this technology helps people to recover. This may be provided by the following:

  1. Information in the human body goes through nerves in the form of bipolar short pulses of electric current without dc component.
  2. Skin and sense organs of the man comprise an information field connecting the environment with the complex internal processes of the human body.
  3. Following from point 2, the human body can be considered as a hierarchic system with lots of feedbacks existing on all its levels both vertically and horizontally. This makes self-regulating processes work, provide connection with environment and ability to react upon changes in the environment.
  4. Main objective of the body internal environment is maintaining its homeostasis.
  5. Taking into account the above facts, it seems to be logical to act upon the flexible body system (when it needs help) with the like self-regulating flexible system, like SCENAR.

SCENAR can be considered as practical implementation of action of views, ideas and hypothesis, following the same disease origin theory, upon the human body. In the harmonious interaction of the two analogous systems — human body and SCENAR — the human body is the leader dictating its needs, and SCENAR executes its commands and helps the body. Such mutual understanding provides surprising therapeutic effects in treatment of various diseases and pathological conditions with the help of SCENAR series models.