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Komarova I. P., Ryazanov N. S.

SCENAR-therapy with model 035-4

Theory and clinical practice


St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997


Irina Petrovna Komarova —

Nikita Sergeevich Ryazanov —
Assistant Professor of Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University


Is based upon directional activation of body reserves. The device forms neuro-like pulses and through skin areas, where the disease manifests, acts upon the pathological organ. When the electrode touches skin, biological feedback provides precise adjustment to the form of the pathology signal. The pathology signal acts upon control centers of the nervous system and evokes regulating adapting reaction in the body. This results in complete, or nearly complete, recovery of the lost functions after a course of SCENAR-action conducted upon particular skin areas. Sometimes one session of SCENAR-treatment is enough. The main objective of SCENAR-treatment is activation of the delayed, disordered adapting systems of the body. As soon as these systems start functioning as they really should, they can eliminate practically any disorder occurring in the body, without any help of other means.

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