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I. P. Komarova, N. S. Ryazanov

SCENAR-therapy with model 035-4


In 1976 Alexander Alexandrovich Karasev, a first-year student of Taganrog State Institute of Radio Engineering, developed a device based upon Cheng Tsu therapy, with respect to zone (non-punctate) pressure massage. For implementation of this approach, Alexander Karasev develops a device employing magnetostrictive effect. Due to complicated R&D process, this work was not finished but became a strong urge for the developer to design analogous electronic device.

This resulted in a device, which turned out not only to stimulate the human body, but could also provide therapeutic effect. Alexander Karasev, now director of “LET Medical” company (Taganrog, Russia), based his development on the following:

  1. While acting, most therapeutic electric devices try to subdue skin resistance, considering skin as a barrier.
  2. The creator of SCENAR considered skin as a source of information about body condition, and the body (from engineering point of view) — as a self-contained system with feedbacks and half-open to the environment.
  3. Any disorders in the body are reflected on skin and, thus, acting upon the skin areas containing information about pathological condition of organ or system it is possible to act upon the particular pathological organ or system through the feedback.

Further development of SCENAR series models went in association with neuropathologist Alexander Nikolaevich Revenko. Special design department “Rhythm” (Taganrog, Russia), namely, doctors — A. N. Revenko, Yu. V. Gorfinkel, and deputy chief designer Ya. Z. Grinberg have done much for introducing and spreading SCENAR series models among practicing doctors in the cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg.

During 15 years of working with these devices SCENAR-therapists gained great practical experience proving that with SCENAR many diseases can treated. In 1993 the device was recommended by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation to wide application in medical institutions of general specialization. The device is safe for both patient and doctor, since SCENAR-action is only directed to pathological system or organ. Pathological condition is reported about with the change of general electrical potential of the skin area acted upon by SCENAR.