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SCENAR-therapist — Sochi, Russia

Sergey Moiseevich Kolchenkov
9/1 A, Glazunova str. Sochi, Russia

tel. +7 988 239-93-65, +7 862 265-49-39
e-mail ser-kolchenkov@yandex.ru
web-site www.scenar-pro.ru

Graduated from the Volgograd State Institute of Physical Training in 1973. Completed 1-year optional course of Sports Medicine and Medical Checkup. Completed courses in Kiev State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors (reflexotherapy, manual therapy, therapeutic massage) and in Novokuznetsk Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors (manual therapy). Then completed courses of advanced training for pediatric manual therapy and therapeutic massage.

Worked as a diving coach in 1974–1979 in Magnitogorsk. In the evenings worked as a masseur in a therapeutic department of the sanatorium. Worked with injured athletes during competitions and other sporting events. Since 1975 was included into Complex Scientific Group as a rehabilitologist of the combined team for diving.

1980–1984 worked in Khosta’s (Sochi) regional hospital in the department of surgery, traumatology, therapy, urology, pediatrics and with out-patients.

Began private medical practice in 1985.

Uses SCENAR-therapy since 1993.

Since 1993 till now has provided rehabilitation treatment to over 2800 patients.