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SCENAR-therapist — Wiltshire, UK

Roger S. Meacock BVSc., MRCVS
Wiltshire, UK

tel. +44 (0)870 350 2020, mobile. +44 (0)7866 687296
e-mail roger@naturalhealingsolutions.co.uk
web-site www.naturalhealingsolutions.co.uk

Roger attended the very first SCENAR training in the UK in 1998 and was probably the first Veterinarian in the world to routinely use SCENAR for treating animals. He began using the 97.4 and was one of the main SCENAR trainers in the UK before concentrating on his clinical work again. Roger changed to LET Medical devices in 2000 starting with the 612 and then moving through the various 735 models to the present 735v5Ag.

Roger mostly treats horses of all kinds throughout the UK and occasionally abroad too. Some of his clients are also now recognising the potential to use Roger’s SCENAR treatments as a means of high performance tuning the horses prior to important competitions. Roger has treated horses for some of the top show-jumpers, racing trainers, event riders and dressage riders in the world. He also treats people and occasionally pets!

England rugby international Mike Catt was reported in the national press as having resorted to a treatment for racehorses after making an exceptionally fast recovery following treatment with SCENAR by Roger!