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SCENAR-therapist — Edinburgh, UK

Noor Mohammed
Edinburgh, UK

tel. +44 (0)131 620 333, mobile. +44 (0)791 560 5140
e-mail cosmicnur@yahoo.com

I discovered SCENAR technology in Dec 1999.

The path of learning SCENAR for me has been difficult (lack of quality training in the UK) but I persisted and eventually managed to treat symptoms like chronic asthma with good success.

When I discovered SCENAR in Dr Keith Scott Mumbys book Virtual Medicine in late 1999 I was fascinated that such a device had been created and also the fact that it had come from a part of the Space program. The only person that I knew that had SCENARs for sale at that time in the UK was Phillip Barker from his former company Life Energies, so that is where I purchased my 97.4. This was in the very short term and also more importantly in the long term prove be a bad decision. But he was the only one that I knew who was selling them in the UK. Training was very poor and costly from Life Energies and I had to go to London for it. So then began my own efforts to learn as much as I could by my own efforts alone in Scotland. Phillip Barker once asked me to email Dr Karasev in late 1999 in order that I may express my keen interest in SCENAR (Phillip Barker kept the fact that he was number one man for SCENAR in UK very public ) Dr Karasev sent me a manual of treatment protocols which I have read and used over the last 4 years.

I managed to get various SCENAR digest books which had been translated into English by Zulia Frost.

The main authors I have studies are Dr Datchenko, Dr Klimov, Dr Grinberg, Prof Revenko, Dr Garkavi, Dr Gorfinkel

The most important work that I use on a regular basis is Dr Karasev's manual which combines disease etiology with treatment protocols. During 2000 and onwards I decided to learn more about neuroscience and started to study neurology and neuro pharmacology with a focus on the autonomic nervous system, included in this work was several months studying the endocrine system in detail and the interface with CNS. This course of learning stemmed from the main treatment sites used in SCENAR medicine, for example, 3 paths, neural junctions, adrenal projection, projection of all other glands, celiac plexus, etc.

To sum up the last 4 years (since discovering SCENAR) have been spent on learning more about:

  • Skin Integument — physiology
  • Connective tissue — physiology
  • Cellular metabolic physiology
  • Neurology — sensory + motor systems, autonomic nerves system, brain and cranial nerves, neural physiology
  • Herbs and plant biochemistry
  • Essential Fatty Acid biochemistry
  • Food and Nutrition — biochemistry
  • vBasic electronics and electrics
  • Bio electrics — Dr Robert Becker
  • Iris diagnosis
  • Medical Greek and Latin
  • Drug Pharmacology
  • Disease etiology
  • Endocrinology


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