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Olga Antonovna Statova | 4.07.2003

My 25-year old daughter, Victoria Kargapoltseva is a student of Novocherkassk Military Institute of Communication.

From April 24, 2001 to May 05, 2001 she was conducted treatment at Rostov Military Hospital, diagnosed rheumatic arthritis, in the II degree of activity (polyarthritis characterized by affection of proximal interphalangeal joints of II–IV hand fingers, wrist and ankle joints, edema of soft tissues).

After complex therapy with diclofan, prednisolon, UV irradiation #4, vitamin C, her condition changed for the better, so she was discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition under observation of cardiologist. After hospital my daughter had a 15 day holiday in sanatorium. During this period dose of prednisolon and diclofan was reduced.

As soon as the medication effect ended, the disease grew progressively worse again.

The doctors were at a loss and only said that rheumatoid arthritis was the most complicated and severe chronic disease of the joints, manifested by various clinical signs, often affecting other organs and systems and early leading to defective life. So they were trying to prepare me for the thought that my daughter was going to be disabled.

In June 2001 I happened to know a SCENAR-therapist, Olga Antonovna Statova. I was given her phone number by chance, in a tram. I brought my daughter to her.

They say the first impression is very important. Here is mine. Good-looking, nice woman, who won our favour right away. Together with my daughter she started to draw the “health program”. She said: “It is very important to create a motivation at the very first session, the disease doesn’t matter”. Together with SCENAR doctor Statova also employs theory of causality of human diseases, which helps having better and clearer idea of the patient. Physical body represents reality. Pathology of the “love chakra” in the middle part of the chest — restraint, sadness, melancholy — causes joint disease — arthritis.

Our task is creating defensive forces in the body, harmonize physical and subtle bodies. Self-confidence was the first what my daughter felt after the first meeting with the doctor. So they started working…

Two years passed since then. The first course of treatment made up 18 sessions of SCENAR-therapy. With severe pains in the joints, high temperature (up to +40°C) my daughter managed to pass her summer exams. Only her eagerness to recover, belief in her inner potential and health helped to cope with all difficulties. After that she was conducted more courses.

Now she is in a good physical form and in full harmony with herself. Got married and has a son, this year is going to graduate from the institute.

I am a happy mother, because my daughter could come back to normal life. I want to THANK Olga Antonovna again! With SCENAR she makes wonders and heals not only the human body, but also the soul.

Sincerely yours,
Yulia Victorovna Kargapoltseva.

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”