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State-of-the-art method of treatment of chronic conditions

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov | 9.06.2003

Rhythm of modern life requires taking constant care about our body and health. Present ecological situation deprives our body of ability to self-restore using its inherent reserves. Our body needs help. There are a lot of medications both chemical and based on herbs and natural components, which are effective and affordable. As a rule, we apply to doctor only in case of emergency, when the pathological process in our body goes into acute stage and causes organic changes in the tissues. In this case traditional methods of treatment can rather quickly compensate for exacerbation condition. But lingering and quiet chronic process cannot be changed much with the help of medications. Besides, using such method of treatment for a long time develops addiction to medications and produces undesirable side-effects. As an alternative physiotherapy can be used. One of the most effective and affordable methods of physiotherapy is SCENAR-therapy.

SCENAR acts upon skin with special electric pulses changing with the change of skin condition during treatment. Such action evokes reactions aimed at restoration of the lost functions. This way SCENAR regulates misbalanced body systems due to restoration and harmonization of the body's own reserves. Effect of SCENAR-treatment makes up 90% of cases. In 60% it produces complete clinical recovery and in 30% - positive dynamics. With SCENAR-therapy the recovery is 3 times as quicker and medications can be significantly decreased. SCENAR-therapy does not have any absolute contra-indications, which allows to use it for patients contra-indicated other methods of treatment.

Having practiced SCENAR-therapy for a long time I am confident that this method is universal. Working as a neurologist I deal with patients suffering from locomotor systems disorders. I noticed that when I used SCENAR-therapy for treatment of the trouble the patient was complaining of it also provided treatment of concomitant disorders. Patients noticed better well-being, normal sleep, decrease of arterial pressure, better functioning of gastrointestinal tract, less sensitive reactions upon geomagnetic disturbances.

SCENAR can also serve as an urgent help means and be used for treatment of bruise of soft tissues, strained ligaments. SCENAR action can speed up elimination of rigid joint condition caused by fractures. For example, my son had his clavicle in plaster cast after fracture for over 30 days. After the plaster was removed, all functions of the arm were quickly restored thanks to SCENAR-therapy.

It is difficult to describe all effects and peculiarities of SCENAR-therapy in short. Feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov, neurologist
Taganrog, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”