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Exacerbation conditions during SCENAR-therapy

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin | 4.07.2003

Exacerbations of diseases are body reactions, which were not available at the moment of the patient's applying to doctor, and appear later on in the course of SCENAR-therapy. Such reactions occur in 90% of cases. Actually, exacerbations during SCENAR-therapy are part of the recovery process, they are natural. These are incomplete adjustment reactions of the body, now aimed at accomplishing of their development cycle. Each occurring reaction can be explained from the biological point of view. The main problem is not why these reactions occur, but what we are to do in such situations. First of all — do not worry. Continue your course of treatment, as usual. Your calmness, self-confidence and appropriate joy concerning exacerbation condition should provide favourable effect upon the patient's emotional state and his further recovering.

The body reactions can be as follows:

1. Reactions occurring during SCENAR-therapy procedures (they are short and are eliminated by themselves, this is a kind of “vegetative storm”, occurring in 10% of cases, usually at the first or second procedure):

  • collaps (accompanied by semisyncopal state) or increase of arterial pressure;
  • weakness, cold sweat, chill, shivering, nausea, vomituration;
  • headache, pain in the heart region, pains in any other regions, sometimes floating;
  • tachycardia, palpitation, arrhythmia;
  • non-adequate behaviour.

Such reactions are caused by drastic change of the patient's biological field to the norm.

You should continue treatment as usual, until these conditions are eliminated. All these reactions show improvement in the body organs and systems and prompt what should be taken most care of at the moment. These conditions will pass even if you stop SCENAR-action.

2. Deferred reactions usually appear on the first-second, or fifth-eighth day of treatment. But each patient is unique, so you may expect exacerbation conditions at other periods of treatment as well. The “older” and more advanced the disease and suppressed immune system, the later appears exacerbation condition (sometimes on the 15th day of treatment), manifesting as worsening:

  • pains in the internal organs, muscles, joints, vertebral column; headache, toothache, etc.;
  • unpleasant sensations like numbness, paresthesia, itching (these pains and sensations are often of floating character);
  • purifying reactions: high temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, sand going out, eruption on skin, discharge from genital organs, respiratory tracts, mammary glands, i. e. all mucous membranes;
  • lymphadenitis, tonsillitis, acute respiratory viral disease, acute condition of throat, nose, ears and teeth;
  • worse vision, hearing, sensitivity;
  • fragile and shedding hair, fragile nails, dry skin, peeling skin on the palms and feet, edema;
  • locomotor changes (coordination, mobility).

Reactions of each patient are unique and depend on his organism condition, so it is impossible to predict them.

All reactions are characterized by good dynamics, short duration, usually without functional worsening (i. e. in most cases these are tolerable sensations) and such conditions always pass without problems. If there are no exacerbations during SCENAR-therapy, this is also a natural course, which does not depend upon the doctor, patient or device. In any case, all body prompts will promote successful treatment of your patients.

You should be careful while informing your patients about possible exacerbation conditions, so that the idea of possible exacerbations which may worsen their condition would not dominate over their minds. The best way will be if you tell them about possible but not obligatory reactions of the body, which are natural effects in the course of treatment. Knowing this, the patient will take it as natural.

Exacerbations are not often so pronounced, though the more patients you treat the more pronounced exacerbations you have to deal with.

Our wish to abate or eliminate acute conditions during SCENAR-treatment will not exclude them at all. They are always present in our life, regardless of what we want or plan.

Actually acute conditions in the course of SCENAR-therapy are caused by hypersensitivity of the recovering organs and systems.

All our life we have to adapt to constantly changing environment. Long ago, when I started my medical career I was told that healing and recovery processes after some operations went sooner and better if they had been done without anesthesia. The first thought after hearing this was that doctors declaring this just were not eager to spend time and efforts for anesthesia. But somehow, we do remember things which seem unbelievable or unreal. Another such strange attitude to treatment comes to my mind: Kopylov medical center practicing pain method of treatment. Sounds doubtful and sadistic, doesn't it? I was sure it does... until started working with SCENAR. Having practiced SCENAR-therapy for a long time I realized what biological recovery reactions were and how they worked.

Millions of years of evolution have made us strong and survivable, developed such self-recovery reactions in our body as pain, high temperature, inflammation, running nose, diarrhea, vomiting, edema, change of sensitivity and neuromuscular reactions, etc. With certain body potential such reactions help us to cope with most problems occurring after reversible damages, like infection, psychic, mechanical, physical, or chemical affection. Our body will try to adapt even to after-effects of irreversible damage (if survived at all), but this requires much more body reserves.

Trying to suppress the recovery reactions (making the sensations during treatment more comfortable) does not mean promoting effective recovery. With the exacerbation conditions during treatment our body asks for help and shows where this help is most needed at the moment. Pharmacological correction suppresses these “cries for help” and often destructs and misbalances our body. What can we do to hear our body without much suffering? Use reflexotherapy, all its physical and chemical aspects: thermal, mechanical, and pain irritations, light, magnet, electricity and combinations of those. Effects produced can be various in each particular case, but among all methods and approaches of reflexotherapy, SCENAR is the best.

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin
“SCENAR+” Centre of intensive recovery of health, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”