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VX735Au. Short of breath, coughing

Vivienne Constad | 9.04.2007

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

June 2, 2006

Presented condition

Angina, slight thyroid deficiency.
Cause of visit: return of breathlessness when walking too fast, general shortness of breath and coughing more than usual.

Case history

Female 76yrs.
Medication: Thyroxin.


First treatment given with gold electrodes. Worked on upper thoracic and neck and collar zone. Also to front of chest and neck.

Used CS and to 30%. Took the level up to 40% at mid scapular level but had to reduce it every where else.

Session lasted 25 mins.

She reported the feeling to be very nice (gentle) and very comforting.

The sticky appeared immediately and cleared very quickly.

After approx. 5 mins I noticed her relax completely and coughing became much less frequent until it subsided altogether.

At the end of the session she felt good, she said. But I noticed no coughing at all, she seemed to move more quickly when walking. Her breathing was less laboured and there was no detection of any wheezing as she did breathe in or out.

She does not believe that she will need to see me again for some time, even though I have explained the principles of how SCENAR works, to her so I would expect her to call me when she gets bad again and most likely not before!!

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK