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Treatment of varicocele (EX735Au Slider x2)

Vivienne Constad | 20.08.2015

July 2015

Age: 49 years
Large healthy male not usually affected by ailments or conditions.
Works long hours and holds down a very stressful job.
Diet not as good as it could be. (self-confessed)


Plus — digestive issues, strong pains to neck and shoulders.
Plus slight inguinal hernia as well as blockage at tip of epididymis of unknown substance.

Treatment suggested medically: an operation.
Purpose of visit — to see how much recovery he can get before an operation — if still needed.

Symptoms — severe pain
Inability to stand for any length of time.
Not able to sit comfortably.
Difficulty in sleeping as being awoken by pain.
Swelling of testes.
Loss of appetite

The first session we worked much longer than I would have normally as I felt it appropriate to do so.
45 mins approximately.
During which a tingling was felt in the left arm at the site of a previous injury form football days.
At start the pain that he felt in his neck, shoulder and also groin was out of 9 out of 10 where ten was the highest and most strong.

Body priorities were at top and tail.
Dosing took on average about 5 minutes, some less and some even more at each place of priority.
Only two positions actually dosed, the others came as close as 81% and some only 50%.

However by the end:
The shoulder pain had eased considerably.
Neck pain still was there but pain in groin, and shoulders had reduced to 5.

He was very pleased and could now sit down easily.

2nd session:

Day 4
In his own words — pain in groin had reduced tenfold since session 1.
Instead of having to take pain relief every 4 hours each day he had taken only twice in 4 days and half the dose.
Shoulder pain was still there but much less.
Same at neck.
Sleeping now without being disturbed.
Has increased his water intake.

This session was a long one also as I used MYO to all dosed areas before I finished as it was comforting to him.
The entire session took just over an hour.
And once again priorities were at top and tail — but this time also at areas located around the colon area.
I dosed on each of these and today out of 8 positions only 3 didn’t dose and all the rest did dose and in an average of 5 to 6 minutes each.

By the end he reported:
Tingling all over.
Very nice sensations over whole of body.
Feeling a warmth inside.
All aches and pains were gone and even the neck this time was far less painful but still an awareness of it.

3rd Session:

5 days later.
Shoulder is feeling a lot better now, it only begun aching again slightly the night before this day.
Neck has been throughout but not as much.
The testes began to ache just a little for the last two days.

This session 58 minutes:
Priorities this day only top and tail.
Areas to treat were more shown by the device digitally to be dramatically different from that of the rest of the body, therefore very easy to see where the issues were.

Once again the majority of areas treated were unable to dose, some taking 12 minutes and others only 3 or 4.
Cessation of session was at place where neck, shoulders and groin all felt fantastic (to coin his phrase) easier all round.
Aches on groin much less.

He had been unable to make the next two scheduled visit times following his last visit so I saw him night before.
Before I began, he said he was still feeling the previous benefits with the shoulder and neck.
The neck was slightly aching from that morning, although it had been greatly improved.
He had begun aching in the genital area that morning but was still easily able to stand and walk now.

I worked on him for 37 or so minutes taking readings in Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider-Auto, then working in Cosmodic for some dosing and then Scenar-Slider for some others, then took him up to 57 mins by working moving in massage like movements in Scenar-MYO.

After this he said he felt more normal than he had for a long, long time and was feeling great!
He had been sitting for a long time so his area of genitals which had been aching again since that morning was now numb!! However once he had been moving about again he reported that he felt much much better and had put off his operation for another month in the case he could not have to need it in the end, so now scheduled for October.
I see him again soon.

Case on going expected updates soon.

The materials were provided by Dr. Vivienne Constad
London, UK