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Treatment of unknown insect bite of right leg with severe skin erythema

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 11.11.2013
Diagnosis: Unknown insect bite of right leg with severe skin erythema and general fever with chill for 10 days

Age/Sex: 46/Male
Outcome of therapy: Complete recovery
Electrode used: Remote electrode EC03Ag gold button
Mode of therapy: First session — Scenar-Cosmodic slider automatic, Second session — Cosmodic slider automatic
Аrea of therapy: Local wound area
Time of therapy: 10 minutes
Action energy level: Medium, automatic
Number of therapy session: Two

This patient had an unknown insect-bite in America and doctors in America told him that they would have his leg amputated in the worst case of spreading of necrosis and swelling. Medications proved ineffective for painful erythematous swelling of right leg with general fever and chill. All the medications were discontinued before the therapy. After first session of therapy on the local wound, pain had disappeared with improvement of general condition. Second therapy was given next day with the same method. Three days after the second therapy, patient was followed up and he showed no sign of fever, chill and painful swelling disappeared with normalized gait and some remnants of skin erythema, which was expected to subside without further treatment. Cosmodic Slider x 2 with gold button electrodes saved his right leg!

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea