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Stroke in a dog. ENS therapy.

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 24.01.2022

Dr. Tantiana Arnaudova Kiventidu Phd.
Scenar Cosmodic Specialist
& Oncology Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens Greece

Nothing but ENS!

Strokes in dogs refer to cerebrovascular diseases.
The sick dog is 10 years old.
18 June 2021 the sheep dog named Katyusha got sick suddenly — clinical manifestations were very fast — vestibular dysfunction, paresis, ataxia, body curvature.
When consulting an experienced vet, he could not tell for sure when the dog may recover and if she will recover completely at all (his prognosis was moderate).
The vets did not promise any miracles and realized they would not be able to save the dog, so they refused to treat her. They suggested euthanasia.
But ENS continued the struggle for the dog’s life. It did work a miracle and helped in the hopeless situation!
ENS treatment was conducted in time.
Areas for action — first of all, areas of the head, spine, eyes, legs, abdomen.
Treatment mode: SCENAR-COSMODIC Slider auto-fix, SCENAR, SCENAR-ENS Slider auto-var-fix, COSMODIC, COSMODIC-ENS Slider auto-fix, ENS.

19 June 2021. The dog opens her mouth — eats. Wags the tail actively (the dog was also prescribed antioxidants and some stuff for chronobiological regulation for correction of the disorder of cerebral circulation).
20 June 2021. The dog starts holding her head.
21 June 2021. The dog raises her head.
22 June 2021. She feels better and starts eating usual food. Urination and defecation are normal.
23 June 2021. The dog raises and holds the head steady.
24 June 2021. She raises her head, while lying on the stomach.
25 June 2021. Urination and defecation are normal.
26 June 2021. She starts crawling.
27 June 2021. The dog can hold her head up for several minutes. She can turn the head to the side easily.
28 June 2021. She watches the toy and can reach the toy.
29 June 2021. Successful attempt to stand up.
30 June 2021. Volume of active movements increases.
01 July 2021. The dog stands up and stays steady, barks.
02-03 July 2021. The dog makes first steps.
04 July 2021. The dog stands up slowly and makes several steps! She falls down at first, but then stands up to try walking again.
07 July 2021. She stands up and stays on her legs steady.
08-09 July 2021. She gets up quickly and starts walking on her own (for short distances), being more and more confident in her movements.
11 July 2021. She goes out for the first walk.
15 July 2021. She goes out for a walk again (for a long distance).
17 July 2021. She can go up and down the stairs without any help.
18 July 2021. The dog goes out for a walk in the morning and in the evening, and even at daytime, in spite of the high temperature outside (over +45 degrees C)!
23 July 2021. The dog performs commands. She brings her toys!
25 July 2021. The dog is calm, self-reliant and happy!

Thanks to the ENS treatment, the Belgian Shepherd Katyusha could overcome the disease and get back to life! She will make us happy for many years!!!

ENS has opened a new page in the history of veterinary medicine!

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”