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Spine disoders. Pathologic kyphosis. ENS treatment.

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 25.05.2022

Dr. Tantiana Arnaudova Kiventidu Phd.
Scenar Cosmodic Specialist
& Oncology Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens Greece

Our spine is the core of our health. Health depends on the condition of the spine.

Here is a complicated case — gibbosity! Pathologic kyphosis of the spine. Female patient, 77 yrs old. The chest is narrowed. Muscle functions are disordered. Reduced lung respiratory function. Problems with gastrointestinal tract. Headaches, dizziness (disorder of cerebral circulation). Quite an advanced disease. The patient is overweight.
Some years after surgeries the patient has undergone hysterectomy (which involved removal of uterine appendages too), due to adenocarcinoma of endometrium, and also had sector resection of the right breast. All this was followed by osteoporosis and kyphosis (an expected outcome). Osteoporosis is a decrease of bone density which triggers off kyphosis.
In this case the patient had total kyphosis which was spread to the whole spine. 4th stage of the spine curvature — over 71 degrees. It was evident that the anatomical changes in the patient’s body restricted rib mobility. Neck mobility was partial, the head was bent to the side, the patient also suffered from hearing and visual impairment (deformation of the cervical spine). The upper part of the body is bent forward. She had a kyphotic posture, which was characterized by the shoulders bent forward.
It is necessary to change the attitude to unsuccessful treatment of the spine disorders. In other words, the effective way out in such situation is ENS therapy!
Kyphosis-gibbosity is characterized by respiratory depression, which cannot be effectively stimulated by physiotherapy.

ENS therapy started on 05 July 2021. There were 20 sessions in total (first course of therapy).
Areas for action — general zones, the spine, abdomen.
Action modes — SCENAR-ENS Slider auto, ENS myo, SCENAR-COSMODIC Slider auto-fix, ENS var, SCENAR-ENS Slider var, SCENAR, SCENAR myo.
1st session — the patient feels improvement of general well-being.
2nd and 3rd sessions — the patient feels significant improvement.
6th session — full neck mobility is restored.
15th session — the head is not bent to the side anymore.
20th session — the curvature of the spine is less than 71 degrees. The curvature up to 70 degrees is already the 3rd stage of the disease, this gives us hope for recovery.
Respiratory function is improved.
The next stage should be the second course of therapy and it will be a promise for further recovery.
ENS provides gradual improvement of the posture!
ENS therapy proved to be revolutionary in treatment of the spine, but it is a choice of the doctor, who has to bear responsibility and use all his skills!
No doubt, this will result in full recovery!

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”