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Post operative symptoms following removal of tumour (new EX715Ag)

Vivienne Constad | 27.02.2013

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Male 62yrs

Presenting symptoms:

August 2012: Cold sensation in both legs from knees down, also in arms, since recent operation to remove cancerous tumor from lung.

The operation had been successful, however some damage had been sustained in the opposite lung from some tools that were used in the operation resulting a shadow on this lung now showing up on MRI scan. They had suggested this was only scar tissue and nothing to worry about.

We made one treatment with the new Myoscen on the first session that he came to resume treatment post operatively and after this session pain which he complained of in chest, was gone, the cold sensation that he had in his arms was improved a little and the headaches he had been experiencing had improved also.

He also mentioned that he had some complaint in his blood that caused his skin to come up in small mountain like lumps that he could only link to when he had emotional issues or when stressed, they would stay in general for around 48 hours and then go down again. When bad they would be puss–filled but would always vanish this quickly. They came back this week since his last treatment and now have all but gone, just one or two traces of that today.

Presiding symptoms today:

Today, he said his eyes were itchy. A trace of the rash in the skin was showing.

His arms no longer were having the cold sensation but his legs definitely were so, he had a slight headache. But the pain in this chest from the lung had still not come back since last session that it was treated and the scan now showed that the shadow on his lung had finally disappeared. They have discharged him now for 6 months, I believe.

However he said that he did not like the treating sensation with steel but preferred the feel of the gold, as it felt deeper to him.

Naturally when I asked him to allow me to try EX715Ag, being silver he was a little reluctant but said ok then.


September 7th 2012 treating with EX715Ag.

As the diagnostic was impossible to read with any differences I chose to work in S1 mode setting, at C7, upper thoracic area and also the opposite end of the spine at lower lumbar.

This would incorporate several eventualities including legs, arms and Neuro — endocrine systems. Effecting lungs, hormones, nervous system etc.

I began in center at C7 from here, he felt the most sensation also.

Working in S1, I dosed the center followed by one placement below in center, then one above original start in center at C3, followed by left of C7 and then right. Doses took respectively: a) 2.40, b) 1.08, c) 2.07, d) 38, e) 42, f) 1.17, g) 1.31.

I then changed setting to S2 and worked on lower lumbar. Area covered from L1/2 to coccyx. I also placed the device still on both left and right sides around S2 and allowed a dose to occur on both sides in this setting, left side took 2.24 to dose and right side took 2.08. I then dosed both left and right adrenals in S1, left took 1.17 and right took 1.19.

Total treating time was 23.06 minutes.

So far, after this time, he reported that he felt already that the cold sensation in both his legs had gone. And he also felt a little tired as if he had been treated. So I decided to stop here.

He was surprised that the little device would have made such a satisfying treatment and also being silver he was surprised as he didn’t feel that it was as deep but the effect had been good and better than he had expected.

He called me the following week and said that he felt no further change but still felt good. He also said he would be unable to continue coming for a couple of weeks due to annual holidays so he is currently on a break and will resume in 6 weeks time. He called 3 days ago to say that so far he still felt good and had no reason to come back early…

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK