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Observations of Dr. I.Karpenko on EX735Ag (23 December, 2007)

Igor Karpenko | 29.01.2008

News on the patients reported before (see Impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag and Observations of Dr. I. Karpenko on EX735Ag, (29 October, 2007)) )

Male patient N., 63 yrs, prostate adenoma + prostatitis, has stable improvement, and is in his second course of treatment. Rectal electrode is used every fourth day. The most active areas in the pelvis region are treated every day. The patient improves slowly — urination is easier now, but the disease is an old one and treatment is going to be long too. Urine tests show norm. During treatment the patient also recovered from ventricular premature beats and short paroxysms of ventricular tachycardia.

Female patient T., 54 yrs, (bipolar disorder) has recovered completely during the second course of treatment. Sleep and mood are normal. The most effective was the method of three pathways — the electrodes were placed in automatic mode until the dose is completed. Usually such procedure lasted for 1 hour.

New patients:
Female patient F., 21 yrs, had long-lasting headaches. She thought they are outcome of hard study at the university. In past history she had anaphylactic reaction to neurological medications which are usually prescribed in such situation. Then she was examined again and again was prescribed to take 3 medications for vertebrobasilar insufficiency, though Doppler ultrasonic examination did not detect any problem with blood circulation. The patient was conducted 1 session for about 1 hour. We acted upon the active points on the face in automatic mode until the dose was completed and treated 1 pathway down from the top on the spinous processes of vertebra in automatic mode until completion of the dose. Pains disappeared completely after 1 session, but returned 1 week later. We repeated the same session and now already 1 month passed and the patient has no complaints. No medication was used.

Female patient B., 50 yrs, parodontosis, was treated for 3 hours each session, on the cheek — projection of the problem tooth. Action mode — CS. No antibiotics were used. After surgery she recovered quickly, without haematoma or high temperature reactions as the dentists warned her.

I found out that EX735Ag works much better than such strong immunomodulators like Amixinum, Uncaria Tomentosa, during treatment of colds. 1 or 2 sessions with EX735Ag were enough for recovery, while if the patient used medications, they would have to take them for 5—10 days.

In my work I use recommendations of Dr. Irina Kossovskaia and A. A. Karasev. Dr. Vivienne Constad described the work of EX735Ag very accurately. The results really make me happy. There is nothing of the kind in the whole world!

Igor Karpenko, Krasnodar, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”