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The hit pelvis and infertility

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin | 1.07.2014

The hit pelvis is not a medical term, but it reflects the essence of the problem in most cases of infertility, miscarriage, non-developing pregnancy, problem labour and often of abnormalities in new-born babies. The problem usually begins in childhood, when the patient hits the pelvis. As we say “we are all from childhood”, and this is true not only for psychological issues but also for main need of humans — need to produce the offspring.

The hit pelvis will not be diagnosed by such methods like ultrasound examination, X-ray, MRT, tests, but it can be detected easily enough by Voll’s diagnostic methods, which in this case would be manifested as lowered readings in the region of L5 and pelvic bones. Those 30% cases of unknown/unspecified reasons for infertility reported by reproduction and IVF centres can be clarified and explained after Voll’s diagnostics . As a rule, all infertile patients have hit their pelvises.

SCENAR-therapists who treat infertile patients notice a large amount of successful results in solving of this problem, although they never guess that during treatment they have improved the condition of the hit pelvis.

In my own practical experience there were many patients who got pregnant after many years of unsuccessful attempts and treatments in other medical and non-medical centres.

Here is just one of the most remarkable cases.

Female, 38 yrs, good-looking, normal body proportions. Second marriage, never got pregnant, never used birth controls, her husband’s examination revealed no problems. She led quite an active and creative life.

She came to me 2 weeks after the second unsuccessful attempt of IVF. In another 1.5 months she planned the third IVF attempt. The results of multi-aspect examinations met the criterion of “practically healthy”. During Voll’s diagnostics we revealed the hit pelvis and changes in cervical C7 and thoracic D7, D8 regions of the spine (C7 and D7, D8 do not influence on ability to get pregnant). I explained to the patient that there were no significant obstacles for her to get pregnant naturally, it was only the question of time once she undergoes a course of SCENAR-therapy.

We conducted 10 sessions of SCENAR-therapy (with EX735Ag Slider x2) paying special attention to lumbosacral area and lower part of the abdomen.

A month later the patient had the third unsuccessful attempt of IVF. The leading specialist of IVF centre sympathized with her and suggested giving up this idea and not to waste her money and efforts any more. Four months later the patient went to Moscow, just to hear the same suggestions of IVF experts as she had here. But! At the moment of visiting IVF-experts in Moscow she already was one-week naturally pregnant! She found this out at ultrasound check after some time when she got back home. Pregnancy went on well, in spite of the doctors who were trying to put her to hospital for maintenance of pregnancy. The patient had normal labour and gave birth to a boy — weight 4100gr and height 53cm. the baby is growing and developing normally.

To sum it up, 5 months after the course of SCENAR-therapy, at the age of 38, a woman who never had children before and had failed three times with IVF attempts, got pregnant and happily gave birth to a child.

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin
“SCENAR+” Centre of intensive recovery of health, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”