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EX715Ag — treatment of pain in foot

Olga Antonovna Statova | 1.12.2005

Female, 55 yrs old.

Presented condition: pain in plantar area and inner surface of the right heel. Has this condition during last two weeks. The patient cannot step on the heel, can only step on the fingers of the right foot.

Course of treatment: 5 sessions (October 2, 2005 to October 12, 2005)

Treatment intervals: sessions every other day

Time of action: 15 to 40 minutes

Action mode: S1

Method of action: placing the electrodes of the device still on the skin, without moving, until the dose is fulfilled.

Treated areas: places of maximal pain, symmetric areas on the healthy foot, region of coccyx, 6 points on the face, places of maximal activity by device readings in S0.

Session 1, 40 minutes
Pain decreased, but spread to the middle third of the shin. The patient characterized this as “pain is spreading to the leg, but the feeling is pleasant”. Pain became pulsing, accompanied by local hot sensation. All these symptoms disappeared within an hour.

Session 2, 15 minutes
Pain subsided

Session 3, 15 minutes
Pain was less severe than on the first session, but spread to the whole foot.

Session 4, 15 minutes
The patient experiences slight pain when walking, but cannot say where exactly it is.

Session 5, 30 minutes.
Pain was eliminated. Though the patient reported that two days later pain started again and was as severe as before, but for a short time, only when she got up from bed in the morning. Five days later the pain disappeared completely.

Full dose was only fulfilled at the last session (treating direct projection during 20 minutes).

The materials were provided by Dr. Olga Antonovna Statova
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”