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EX715Ag — treatment of chorea

Olga Antonovna Statova | 26.12.2005

Girl, 11 yrs old

Presented condition: chorea (involuntary, chaotic, spasmodic movements of muscles of the face, body legs and arms). Sedative medications did not have any effect.

The girl is excited, irritable, mobile, cannot fix her look and focus her attention, cannot stand still even for a second. Any time her hands or body are touched she has hyperkinesias. Answers questions adequately. Her mother says the girl studies satisfactorily. The girl is developed to her age.

Course of treatment: 2 courses

Treatment intervals:
1st course – 5 sessions every day. Break – 1 month.

2nd course – 5 sessions every day.

Time of action: 40 minutes to 1 hour

Treated areas: hands, feet, 6 points, 3 pathways, areas of maximal activity (by readings of the device in S0).

Both times psycho-emotional excitement of the girl increased, also she had more hyperkinesias and more often. After the first two sessions the patient’s temperature increased to 38°C.

Minimal dose was fulfilled on the face and areas of maximal activity. Projection of the spine and neck were treated until stickiness was eliminated. Full dose was only fulfilled at the last session.

Day after the first course of treatment hyperkinesia occurred less often and became less intensive.

During the second course of treatment, the girl became calmer, her irritability was eliminated and her body straightened. Twitching of muscles of the body, arms and legs became rare. Hyperkinesia of head is still present.

The next course of treatment is planned in two months.

The materials were provided by Dr. Olga Antonovna Statova

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”