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ENS treatment of the inoperable prostate cancer

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 15.06.2022

Dr. Tantiana Arnaudova Kiventidu Phd.
Scenar Cosmodic Specialist
& Oncology Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens Greece

Prostate cancer belongs to severe oncology diseases.
Belated diagnosis is connected with total absence of symptoms.
Male patient, 57 yrs old. Medical history: histological study of the biopsy revealed adenocarcinoma -score -Cleason -9(5+4) Grade group 5 { WHO 2016}. By TMN system the cancer was staged as – T4 M1N1. The patient was deemed inoperable.
During two years, cancer specialists conducted hormone therapy, but since it didn’t provide the desirable effect (PSA values increased, which meant the disease relapsed) they prescribed chemotherapy. Chemotherapy resulted in side-effects for his blood – low hematocrit values, erythropenia, leukopenia).
The patient started experiencing weakness and myalgia.
We had to develop an adequate treatment approach. We needed an optimal plan for treatment of chemo side-effects.

Start of ENS treatment. 12.03.2021
15 sessions.
Status praesens – the patient complained of myogenic pains in the region of muscles of lower extremities (mm. Femoris, mm Cruris), exhaustion.
Areas for action: general areas, spine (the patient had metastases in the spine), prostate, thymus, spleen, legs.

1st session. Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider auto. Pain in the legs abated.
2nd session. Action mode: Cosmodic ENS Slider auto. Symptoms of general weakness became less pronounced.
3rd session. Action mode: Scenar Cosmodic Slider auto-myo. Pain reduced significantly.
4th session. Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider var. We were alternating action modes. Hematocrit, erythrocyte and leucocyte values increased. This allowed to carefully cancel medication therapy (Cortisone – the dosage needs to be decreased gradually, under doctor’s control).
5th session. Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider auto-myo. We were alternating the action modes.
6th session. Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider auto-var. Cosmodic ENS Slider auto-var.
7th session. PSA – normal values. Action mode: Scenar auto-var, Scenar, Cosmodic Slider auto-var.
8th session. Action mode: ENS, ENS var-myo, Scenar ENS Slider auto-var. The gait restored – the patient could walk without support.
9th-15th sessions. We were alternating the action modes. The patient didn’t have any signs of tumor growth. PSA values in blood serum after the course of our therapy has decreased – it was lower than 1 ng/ml. Decrease of the PSA value below 1 ng/ml after ENS therapy allows making prognosis for long-term relapse-free period.

The effect of ENS-therapy is that the condition of the patient has stabilized. The disease is not progressing. ENS-therapy has been also reducing manifestations of side-effects after chemotherapy until they disappeared completely. The patient could get back to his work. Getting back to work is a very important point in the recovery process for cancer patients.
The patient was examined in April – no complaints.
Professional approach to ENS-treatment of cancer allows achieving positive results. The importance of this method of therapy is obvious. Treatment is ongoing.

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”