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Broken wrist (EX735Ag Slider x2)

Vivienne Constad | 8.05.2013
Female late 40’s.
Slim — healthy balanced diet.
Fell on slippery surface, landed and broke wrist on falling.

This occurred on Friday 21st December although she only came in on 28th.

Had poor service and complications at A and E, which suggested there might be the need for an operation.

I found this not to be so.

Session 1, 28th December 2012

Device used: EX735Ag Modific Slider

Presiding symptoms:

Mobility reduced to almost none on damaged hand. Body was being held in a diagonal twist to compensate for the pain and sling that was supposedly supporting her wrist.

Extreme pain all through arm, wrist, hand and fingers. Shoulders and legs and in fact all over body.

Having tested the rest of her for antioxidant levels, immune response, nutrient base, acid base etc. I found her to be in reasonably good health apart from the obvious injury.


I took diagnostic on spine and found activity to work on at upper thoracic levels and abdomen. Also, at one place at the lower spine. There had been a car accident some years ago in which a vertebra had been pushed out of alignment and this was exactly what was showing here.

Began at this vertebra and one dose here was enough in 36 seconds. I then spent the time working on the upper thoracic. I began in Scenar mode at this vertebra then went into Slider 5 at upper thoracic.

Batteries flickered in the display after 6.06 so I stopped and changed them.

Then continued in Slider 5 for a following 22.53minutes. Then worked in MYO for remainder of the time to shoulder, arm , wrist and fingers.

Duration of session:

Total time spent was 33.18minutes.

Changes after

After this session this is what she said and I saw:

Swelling had greatly reduced.
She felt very much taller.
The dull pain that had overcome her entire body was now gone.
Specifically pain in her arm and wrist was now also gone.
Felt that she could sleep which for 3 days she had not been able to due to the pain.
Her arm felt lighter.
She found when she looked in the mirror, that her skin had lost the grey look and was pink again.

Photos before and after on day 1


Session 2

Device used: EX735Ag Slider x2

29th December 2012

She reported that she had slept well all night.

Five hours straight through.

Since yesterday...

Energy had increased tremendously but as I had told her, she did not expend this doing work but rested and allowed her body to heal.

She said she felt even taller and now she has so much mobility in her fingers that she is having trouble stopping herself from using the hand.

I am supporting her liver with a tincture of milk thistle drops in water 4 x times a day.

She says her whole body is feeling even lighter than before.

She managed to shower today covering her wrist in a plastic bag.

She is still pain free and this morning had a small ache in the elbow area.

She is feeling hungrier and her appetite is returning.

I began in Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider mode and took readings.

The readings showed in very much higher figures than the previous Slider.

I. e. the average readings yesterday were around 12, low were at 3 and high were at 19. Today readings were average at 38, high at 99 and low at 24.

Today’s high were at upper thoracic once again plus the same place at lower spine and midway vertebra, as the day before.

I dosed the vertebra in this same setting and this was to the left then center then right side of spine.

Next I went up to the top right shoulder area where indicated and whilst dosing this, the thumb suddenly took her arm on this side (the undamaged one) and lifted it into the air briefly. She laughed!

I then went to the opposite side and dosed here. In after about a minute the device restarted and began again.. I let it run and waited, expecting it to do the same again and it suddenly dosed! 1.45 minutes.

I then turned into Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider MYO mode, power level 60 and worked on both sides of shoulders down to elbow and arm and wrist. On damaged side went onto fingers also.

I then went into Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider Auto mode and worked on dosing across fingers and knuckles.

Total time taken 38.11

Changes after this session:

She reported the following:

Energy levels felt even greater compared to after yesterday’s session.
Her neck felt better afterwards, she realized that it had been aching without her noticing.
She can straighten out her fingers and put her hand flat on the table now.
She felt more alert.
More refreshed and has returned mobility to hand and fingers.
No pain in anywhere in body especially the dull pain in arm gone.
She feels lighter all over.

Overall she said this the moment I placed the device on her, without my telling her anything!

She asked me, had I changed something in what I was doing as it felt very different today.

I asked her to explain how and why it felt different:

“It feels like in one respect much lighter and less but in another way it feels far more! In fact like a different machine??

This feels that I can feel a loop inside me that is connecting everything. Like it’s going all around.

In my head, up and down my spine, around my arms and all over my body and connecting it all up right through to my fingertips!”

Then she said she felt so amazing that she knows she will not be having an operation now and I will see her again the day after tomorrow.

Amazing changes!!

Session 3

31st December 2012

Device used today: EX735Ag Slider x2

Since the last session the bruising was now emerging.

She had experienced what she described as a big emotional outburst that morning and was now feeling much better about herself.

This moment she had some stiffness across both shoulders and her fingers felt a little tight once again. Slight swelling much less than before.

I decided today to work mostly in scenar-slider-auto as many readings were showing a higher ratio of scenar to that of cosmodic.

Highest readings in general were across shoulders and also lower spine.

Doses here were on average 2–3 minutes. I felt that in this setting today the doses seemed to happen more easily. After I had dosed all areas accordingly I changed my setting into scenar-cosmodic-slider MYO and worked across both shoulders in this and a little at upper thoracic area.

Total treating was 36.06.

Changes after:

She reported, once again a feeling of euphoria. Also she called it her face lift treatment as following each time that we worked she rushed to look into a face mirror and noticed both her cheeks felt like they had been lifted, although to be frank I am not sure if this was a feeling or an observation.

The site of the injured hand appeared to have flattened and assumed a more normal shape now and her fingers were with less pain and her knuckles relaxed which had been tight before.

She said she felt like a new person and much refreshed. Her whole body felt lighter and that she wanted to smile and not to cry!

Session 4

9th January 2013

Device used: EX735Ag Slider x2

After last session all swelling had reduced and previously poor areas were normal.

Full mobility was restored to most areas with exception of wrist rotation.

She had returned to hospital and the cast had been removed.

However after some arguing between doctors they replaced a new cast as they would not believe that her bones could have healed so quickly, therefore just in case there was some mistake they wrapped a new cast which was very much too restrictive and the following morning, having not slept due to such pain and the return of swelling this was removed and replaced with a slightly better fitting cast.

We would continue...

Presiding symptoms today were pain and swelling due to damage caused by ill-fitting cast.
Tiredness due to lack of sleep.
Restricted mobility and soreness.
This session I chose to work in a variety of modes.
Beginning with readings and preliminary work in SCENAR-COSMODIC SLIDER AUTO.
Highlighted areas were as expected with addition of one at liver — spleen level.
Total time worked was 41 minutes.

Changes after:

She felt like her head was rising up again and her spine taller.

The sensation today had felt tingly and sporadically stronger.

The work I did had made her hands feel like they wanted to stretch out and she also had a sharp sensation in the rear of one leg muscle momentarily which apparently she gets when she runs too hard normally.

All swelling reduced once more and the whole arm once again felt normal. She was able to lift the previously damaged hand on its own and move her fingers easily.

Session 5, 6,7 and 8 the device used for these was EX735Ag Slider

Session 5

24th January 2013

There had been some time passed, as she had needed to return to some working life.
There was since the last session a slight amount of swelling and a mild small amount of pain also.
She had used some pain relief but not much.
Her appetite had increased.
Her knuckles felt a little tight.
I began working in maximum and then had to reduce to minimum.

I had begun in a maximum setting as I was missing the Slider x2 so much and being able to choose such specific settings that I just didn’t feel I had enough power to my tools. However very quickly I found that I did!!

High readings were indicated as expected to top of thoracic, upper and lower locomotor points and also I noted that the mid spine higher readings of before had now become balanced.

SCENAR MYO to the end.

The sessions were each approximately 38–40 minutes with exception of the 7th one which was 50 minutes.

On the 6th session the final cast was removed and we saw her wrist looking delicate and as she said herself, pre historic dinosaur-like!

In Hospital at the time of removal of the cast:

We worked the entire wrist, muscles, fingers after having worked at the spine and at the finish I massaged specially mixed oils and creme into the skin after having exfoliated it first.

On arrival from Hospital, before session After session

Changes overall were as follows:

Her finger tips had begun to feel cold and tingly and now they were becoming warm again and the tingle sensation had gone.

She became quite emotional when I worked along fingers and at tips.
Her shoulders ceased to ache.
Her posture improved more permanently.
Felt safe to drive once again.
She had less stiffness.
More mobility and rotation of arm and wrist.
Its shape had improved.
The constant dull pain was now gone.
Could flex upwards.
Each time we worked she still felt the euphoria as from the start.

Also the face-lift sensation! I could now see exactly what she referred to she was beginning to look much younger and her skin more fresh.

We had a little way further to go as now it was clear that the shape of her wrist bone still required some work and also the rotation of her arm from the elbow was a still not 100%.

Session 7

29th January 2013

I took this after the session as we did just a local treatment to both the good wrist and damaged one and after replaced the splint which gave her support in order that she may work. This is how well she was able to move at that time:

Session 8

1st February 2013

This day, once again the high recorded priorities for work were at neck and shoulders also similar importance given to the coccyx area and lower spine. Having worked in COSMODIC today and then COSMODIC SLIDER with EX735Ag Slider device, I completed the session with firstly massage in SCENAR-MYO and then dosed all fingers and knuckles with the use of 02Ag tablet probe.

Altogether the work on body this day was 26.37 and local to fingers 5.41.

Changes after:

She reported that her movement of the wrist was greater. There was now a tingling sensation in another finger which had not been before. All swelling had disappeared and the look of the hand, wrist and fingers was more normal.

She continued to do daily exercises (specific ones that I and her physiotherapist had shown her) some massage with essential oils and creme.

Session 9

4th February 2013

Hooray! Slider x2 arrived back again so now we are cooking with gas again! As they say.
Her entire arm, wrist and hand are now looking much better.
She is doing all the exercises that a colleague and I gave her, plus some hand exercises I showed her.

The outer side of her hand was stiff a little now and after having had a large workload since last session a collection of lymph had appeared in her arm, which had reduced this morning but was slightly still there.

Rotation of the arm had increased slightly.


Priority readings showing at locomotor place upper and lower.
Also across liver and spleen level.
Overall the session was 41.43 minutes.
The moment I touched her with the device she felt her wrist went warm.

The moment I placed the device over the spleen area at the spine, she began to giggle as her thumb turned her hand over once again (this time the damaged one) and her two fingers raised themselves into the air without her control. This occurred after 2 minutes and 3 minutes.

After 21 minutes I then went into SCENAR-SLIDER and worked locally to wrist.

Changes after

I could see that the bone in her wrist was now a normal shape once again.
All swelling in her wrist had now gone.
She was able to turn her wrist and arm from the elbow over more easily. Her fingers looked slightly lumpy so a slight amount of swelling here still.
She was able to lift items now with the previously damaged hand.
Best of all is that she burst out in a loud voice that she felt normal again!!
For work she was going to use an elastic bandage for support but otherwise now her arm was without any splint most times.
She had then to rush off to work as her job called and will not be able to return for a couple of weeks so the update will come soon.

Finally at the last session that she was able to attend she was so very pleased as she was really able to grip once again and said that her arm really felt normal once again.

A testimonial in patient’s own words:

Bernadine long hair and makeup artist. 48yrs old
I had a bad fall on 21st dec 2012.

I rushed to a&e and to be told after x-rays i had a colles fracture. A very bad broken wrist. I was first given a local anesethectic to completley numb my hand and arm as maniuplation of the bones were necessary. After this i was put in a half cast, bandage and sling and told to rest

24th december

I then had to go to another hospital a good half an hour away from my home by car. The pain in the movement in the car was horrendous! I was then given more x-rays and relieved to find out that the bones had been manipulated back in to place well, so no operation was needed just a cast for possibly 6 0r 8 weeks.

Several days later a friend of mine introduced me to vivienne constad and the amazing scenar method.

On my first visit 28th dec 2012

I was relieved to see that the procedure consisted only of work on my spine and my good hand.

After one amazing first session i felt pain free and my fingers on my broken hand started to move. Also amazingly colour came back into my face and the whites in my eyes looked healthy again. I guess because I was pain free.

First night after session I slept so well , next day woke to no pain.

Just my annoying big cast on my arm.

Second session on 29th

Was even better and again relieved the pain. I also felt very euphoric afterwards like I could skip down the street.

Next session 31st december

Yep new years eve while the rest of the world seemed to be going out and having fun, all I was bothered about was feeling better and getting over to vivienne constad!

After my session I was again in no pain and felt lke I could have joined in and danced the night away, but was good and rested.

Each session got better and it felt like my hand inside the cast was healing.

Each session i had, there was a wave that seemed to come over the broken hand and take away the pain.

After the 31st I had 2 more sessions near to each other. Then after that as I had to try and do some work I could not get to vivienne for over a week and boy did i need the sessions.

I had a few pains and swelling came back a bit in my fingers.. After that I had 2 sessions, until I got my cast off which again kept me pain free and no swelling.

I was now feeling back to my normal self and a feeling of positivity came back again.. The day I went to the hospital was to see how it was coming along and to see if I needed few more weeks in the cast or if it had healed enough to be taken off. Luckily for me the doctors were very very pleased and also astounded as to how well the bone had healed.

To which I then explained the scenar treatment I had been having.

After that to my relief I was told I could have the cast off. And then was checked again and the doctor was pleased.

Immediately that I got my cast off, early that morning i rushed straight over to vivienne constad as was tad nervous as my hand was swollen and red and very very stiff and basically had hardly any movement at all.

After and hour of the scenar magic I felt much better and had some swelling taken down and some movement.

Since that day I have been doing pyhsio and have had 3 more sessions and alot more movement.

The swelling has gone down vastly. Now I am picking up small things and typing and using my left hand once again.

All the time I have been having the treatment I have only ever had to take a light pain killer a few times and these times were the times when I could not get in for treatments.

With out a doubt in my mind this treatment has speeded up my recovery by weeks. And also the amazing feeling during and after the sessions is so uplifting. I would truly recommend this procedure time and time again. As no one wants to be in pain and without the use of a limb.

The materials were provided by Dr. Vivienne Constad
London, UK