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Ankle subluxation (EX735Ag Slider x2)

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin | 6.06.2013
A mother brought her 2.5 years old daughter to our centre. Complaints were swelling of the left ankle which had no tendency to heal within half a year. From the mother's words, the girl slipped when she was 2 years old and sprained ligaments of her left ankle. However, after half a year of various therapies, the joint remained swollen, rigid, hot and painful during walking.

Traumatologist suggested operation, or injecting corticosteroids into the joint. The mother rejected these suggestions.

During examination of the girl, her left ankle joint was swollen, deformed, the left foot was turned outwards more than the right one. The ankle was hot by touch, rigid, amplitude of movements was very restricted, painful when pressing on it. Lumbar muscles’ tone was low. Painful lower third of the chest (at D6 level).

When doing examination by Voll’s method, we found problems in the thoracic spine, D5, 6 and, as a result, low weight of the child and problems with gallbladder. Also, problems at lumbosacral region and, as consequence, instability of the ankle at the moment of injury and following inability of the ankle to restore. We explained to the mother that such pathological condition of the lumbosacral region could develop after the girl had bumped the pelvis, long before the ankle injury. And then she remembered that about half a year before the ankle injury a bike rode into her daughter and she fell to the ground and hit her pelvis heavily.

For the joint to be healthy again, it needs movements, normalization of the corresponding spine region (lumbosacral region, in this case) and healthy gallbladder. All this we explained to the mother, to make it clear why we needed to treat not only the damaged joint but also spine and gallbladder, and began treatment.

We used EX735Ag Slider x2. Action modes used: SCENAR, COSMODIC, SCENAR-COSMODIC Slider Myo. We worked using minimal energy level, so as not to scare the child. The whole course took 10 sessions in total. Each session lasted 25-30 minutes. From the second session we were doing manual examination of the ankle. At each session we observed positive dynamics which manifested in improved mobility of the joint. After the first session, the swelling of the joint decreased. By the 6th session the temperature of the joint normalized. At the 8th session we observed that lumbar muscles became definitely stronger, subluxation of the joint disappeared — both feet were identical shape. By the 10th session there was still slight swelling, but no painful sensations, amplitude of movements differed a bit from the healthy joint. When doing examination by Voll’s method — all readings were normal. The patient was recommended physical exercises for the ankle and coming for control examination in a month. No medications were used during treatment.

3rd June, 2013 Doctor Aleshin S. V.

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin
“SCENAR+” Centre of intensive recovery of health, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”