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Acquired blindness and acquired vision (EX735Ag Slider x2)

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin | 13.06.2013
A female patient, 55 years old, got to know us when she wanted to improve condition of her skin and not with a Scenar. From her head to the groin she was covered with big papillomas and has excessive hair coat everywhere. In addition, she had been completely blind for 2 years already. But, in spite of this fact, she lived with a man, who was younger than her and who was very nice to her. This made her taking serious measures to improve her appearance.

Within two sessions of electrocoagulation, with the interval of 1.5 month she deleted about 100 papillomas and other growths on her skin. Within half a year she removed all excessive hair with the help of photoepilation. But I always tried to convince her that she needed to make the whole body healthier with SCENAR-therapy, but not just making cosmetic (although capital) ”repair“ of her appearance. Finally, there was a time for SCENAR-therapy. She came to treatment with her sister who was her guide as she couldn’t see at all.

When doing diagnostics by Voll’s method we found out that she had consequences of craniocerebral injuries, mainly occiput. This led to dramatic impairment of vision 11 years ago. She was operated on her eyes two times for glaucoma, but her vision continued to deteriorate. She had great expectations for the following two surgeries on the eyes, by Muldashev’s method, using “Aloplant”, but this was useless too and her vision was getting worse. The main reason for her condition which would not improve was not the eyes, but visual centres of the brain, in the occipital lobes. Also the problem was the whole cervical spine, D6, D8 of the thoracic spine — this caused problems with biliary ducts and liver (and liver influences our vision a lot), lumbar region — mainly L3 and L4, which caused problems with large intestine (constipations during 7 years and numerous growths on the skin) and neurogenic urinary bladder (frequent urination at night).

The patient had a treatment course of 10 sessions, with EX735Ag Slider x2 device. Areas for treatment were: eyes, neck, spine, liver zones. Action modes used were: COSMODIC-slider 10, SCENAR-COSMODIC slider-myo. Additionally, since the 2nd session the patient was using a comb electrode attached to the device, for 10 minutes, mainly on occiput area. The action mode used for the comb electrode was COSMODIC.

After the 2nd session the patient reported that she only had to get up to the toilet 1 time at night. Before she had to get up 4-5 times. After the 3rd session her stools improved. In spite of constant constipations, she never took any laxatives. On the 4th session the patient could distinguish between the dark and light, but she couldn’t see yet. Since the 7th session she had occasional central vision. The patient said, that she could obscurely see some pictures on the ceiling, while she was lying on her back. We do have pictures on the ceiling, above each couch in our centre. On the 9th session the patient could see the time on my LED backlit clock, and she asked if it really was 6.45pm at that moment. That was exactly the time. On the 10th session, her readings during examination by Voll’s method, which related to the head and spine improved dramatically, although, within such a short period of time, they could not become normal completely – our body needs certain time to restore. Liver and biliary ducts were normal. The patient could orientate herself with much more confidence, although her vision, of course, was not 100% and only central vision was back, she could not see to the sides yet.

On the basis of my 20-year experience of work with SCENAR and COSMODIC, I cannot imagine what else this patient could restore her vision with, even up to the stage it has restored now. Our work has not finished yet. She will have to have more courses of restoration in future. But now, at this moment, the quality of life of this patient has dramatically improved.

6th June, 2013 Doctor Aleshin S. V.

Sergey Valentinovich Aleshin
“SCENAR+” Centre of intensive recovery of health, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”