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Abdominal pain. ENS therapy.

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 6.08.2021

Dr. Tantiana Arnaudova Kiventidu Phd.
Scenar Cosmodic Specialist
& Oncology Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens Greece

In medical practice abdominal pain is one of the most frequent symptoms.

Female patient, 65 years old. Complaints of the pain appeared due to two factors: psychoemotional stress and spicy food. Cramp-like pain was permanent. The patient also suffered from bowels dysfunction, which was manifested as constipation and diarrhea.
The patient saw a surgeon who examined her celiac trunk and diagnosed stenosis of the ascending part of the colon (oncological disease is not a reason for stenosis).
The patient refused to have operation as she was scared by the possible complications after that.
All above circumstances just confirm the necessity of ENS therapy for such patients.

ENS therapy was started on 19.10.2020.
Status praesens – tenderness to palpation, bloating, constipation.
The main complaint was severe pain in the abdomen which was accompanied by gas formation. The disease course was severe — there appeared thickened areas. Mucus and some blood were noticed in patient’s stool. Among dyspeptic symptoms were nausea, vomiting.

Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider auto until the pain and bloating were eliminated. Areas treated: general areas and the whole surface of the abdomen, looking for trigger area. The session lasted 1 hour. During the first session we managed to stabilize the patient’s condition.

23.10.2020. After the pain was decrease during the first session, the pain increased some time after it.
Second session. Action mode: Scenar ENS Slider auto, Cosmodic ENS Slider auto – until the pain and bloating were eliminated.

24.10.2020. Third session. Action mode: Scenar Cosmodic Slider auto. We changed the various modes until the temporary acute symptoms were eliminated.

25.10.2020. This day the patient had one more symptom — diarrhea.
Fourth session — we changed various actions modes until the symptoms were eliminated.

02.11.2020. Fifth session.
The pain increased at night. During the session the pain subsided.

03.11.2020. Sixth session. No pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea — they were all gone.

We only conducted 6 sessions of ENS therapy, which allowed the patient to recover!
The patient is now back to normal life!
ENS therapy provided maximum adequate therapeutical help to the patient.
The patient has been under observation during 4 months since the treatment. During her post therapy period no special symptoms were observed.

01.03.2021. The patient came for a checkup. No bloating or pain was found during examination.
However, when pressing on the abdomen, the patient felt slight pain in it (right projection of the large intestine).
We conducted a session — were changing action modes until pain sensations to pressure were eliminated.

22.03.2021. The patient reported she felt great!
We continue observing the patient.

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”