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A case of complete Lt. hemiplegia patient. EX735Ag Modific

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 28.07.2008

Patient Age/Sex: 48/Male
Diagnosis: Right intracerebral haemorrhage with Lt. hemiplegia
Action mode: Scenar to Cosmodic mode, A3
Methodology: Various Meridian Acupuncture sites

This 48 year old patient had a stroke two weeks before being referred to me for the alternative treatment from the intensive care unit of general hospital. He was in slightly depressed mood, clear in consciousness with intact lingual ability. Brain CT showed intracerebral haemorrhage in Rt. thalamus. He could not move his left extremities at all.

From the first session, I had decided to use only various Meridian acupuncture sites with scenar A3 mode. I did not use 3Lines and 6 points at all up to 5th session. Immediately after the first session, he had begun to move his fingers and toes very easily to our surprise.

He had some healing reactions such as fatigue and sleepiness naturally.

Between 2nd and 5th session, range of motion of his upper and lower extremities began to increase dramatically after each session and made it possible to raise his arm and leg while being on the wheelchair.

From 6th session, I decided to use 3 Lines and 6 Points with Cosmodic mode for the fastening and facilitation of nerve regeneration, including several other acupuncture sites. The recovery of motor function had accelerated since then and finally he stood up from the wheelchair and walked by himself without any support after 10th session was over.

The whole 10 sessions had taken 28 days and each session did not exceed more than 40 minutes.

We will continue our therapy and concentrate more on the fine tuning of his motor function.

In comparison, EX735Ag Modific has such therapeutic advantages as:

  1. Faster bodily integration of healing information from Modific
  2. Versatility of her influence on human system such as CNS and Meridian system.
  3. Plurality of healing informations (46 feedback patterns according to Dr.Karasev) the device can give to human system, thus facilitating healing reaction.

In conclusion, it is beautiful……

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim,
Saekyung Longevity Clinic in Integrative Medicine
Songpaku, Seoul, Korea