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Vivienne Constad in association with “LET Medical”

Training course for professionals on SCENAR and COSMODIC Therapy

Next course scheduled on

11th, 12th and 13th
July 2017

London, UK

Once again this will be a 3 day training group at the Whittington Hospital Education Centre.

To ensure our Practitioners are:

  • Confident and safe in working with their device.
  • Understand the technology and how it works with the body.
  • Be conversant in using a holistic approach to achieving a successful outcome.
  • Be able to conduct an appropriate consultation geared to maximising recovery with Cosmodic technology

We anticipate the number of eight students to be attending.

Numbers are limited, please email for details.

This training course is directed to all those Doctors, clinicians and Practitioners who have a device and would like to understand the most in how to achieve the best results in their work with the technology.

Please email vivienne@vivienneconstad.com for details


By request
Payment on booking

Tel: 020 8883 6245

Limited numbers.