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Vivienne Constad in association with «LET Medical»

Training course for professionals on SCENAR and COSMODIC Therapy

Report on the training course for professionals in UK, November 16–18, 2015

Having just completed our latest course we once again had professional participants from all over the globe. Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, and last but not least the good old UK.

The venue was once again at our regular local Hospital. We were inundated with offers of people for us to work on as word had been passed around and we had to fit a number of extra sessions each day just to get through them all.

From day one the group seemed to become a tight knitted family and we were proud to have been able to give so much to enable great doctors turn into such lovely holistic practitioners using our protocols and advice.

We fed them each day with organic, wheat and dairy free vegetarian food thanks to our regular chef, Chris Honor from Chris Kitch Deli nearby.


The journey that we embarked on took our participants integrating their current knowledge base through to new paradigms and each and every one of them came away with far more than they had even dreamt of.

Their learning covered a little history and background as to how their Cosmodic EX735Ag Slider came about, a little about ourselves followed by the workings of the device and how it performs in the body. They learned how best to use the device as a tool within their current skill base. We looked at probes and attachments, how to use those and how best to use each of the working modes that make the difference between the home user and working as a professional.

They saw video footage and best of all, dramatic changes in each patient that they worked with.

We had glorious 3 days and found it hard to say farewell.