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Vivienne Constad in association with «LET Medical»

Training course for professionals on SCENAR and COSMODIC Therapy

Report on the training course for professionals in UK, June 14–16, 2015

We have just completed our June training in London.

It is always such a pleasure to enable people along their own developmental journey.

I hope that one participant will not mind my sharing something which was so beautiful to have witnessed. This concerned giving a stroke client a most beautiful treatment. After administering the initial diagnostic and treating protocols, the participant then decided to follow the clients responses in the moment using MYO mode. What was amazing was that not only was he able to let go of all preconceived ideas and allowed himself to just “flow” in the moment, he did this by using the massage capability of MYO mode in a truly transformational way. The surprise was that he has had no formal training in massage prior to this training.

It was as though he was literally became one with the device!!

On finishing not only did the client have an amazing shift but the practitioner was so full of energy that he stated that he could have done two more people. Isn't it great that we when we work in a state of “flow” we not only get to treat the client successfully but possibly also get to experience beneficial effects.

Well done — you know who you are!! Keep up the good work.

    Future training dates scheduled for 2015:

    London (UK) — 5th, 6th & 7th August; 16th, 17th & 18th November

    In 2016:

    Ojai (USA) — 3 dates to be confirmed Scenar-Cosmodic Training — Part 1

    Ojai (USA) — 4th day Cosmetology (Requires having obtained Part 1)

    Join us for any of these training courses. We would love to help you on your healing journeys.

And - if you are in London then we also get to eat wonderful food from an amazing chef, Chris Kitch, who caters for the course.