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Vivienne Constad in association with “LET Medical”

Training course for professionals on SCENAR and COSMODIC Therapy

Report on the training course for professionals in UK, April 27–29, 2015

At this training course at our regular hospital venue, attendees came from as far away as Australia and Slovakia.

One in fact arrived the night before and left the day after we had finished!!

As usual, our training was presented by two experts in SCENAR and COSMODIC from UK:


SHERINE LOVEGROVE, BSc Psychology (Hons)., Dip. EH.NLP., RGN., Senior Assoc. Member of Royal College of Medicine, MBPsS Reg. UKCP., NLPtCA., CNHC., ACRIPT., BIH., BHA., EMDR Institute INC.

The training included theory information and most attention was given to the understanding of how the technology works in the body and also hands-on experience in the use of SCENAR and COSMODIC recovery technology with pre-arranged volunteers.

We also had guests from the hospital, who had come over to find us for treatment during our course.

We did have up to ten different people working on day two!! We had patients queuing to be worked on! (including requests from staff members).

Students could really use the techniques and observe effects produced by the devices and also operate different treatment modes and learn how to best use them. They worked diligently with each other and also with our guests.

Our students were professional doctors working in the field of oncology, acupuncture, pharmacy, body work, equine working (animal Mctimoney chiropractic), but each participant reported a far greater experience than had been expected and we observed their working skills change over the three days. Another very rewarding group to have had the privilege to be working with.

Once again we had Chris Honor from the Deli “Chris Kitch” make our lunches for us that were naturally organic, vegetarian and gluten free.

Chris surprised us with one particular cake, which we deemed an absolute gift as it must have been for our birthday’s. It arrived exactly between both Vivienne’s and Sherine's birthday days.

Although our participants were all professionals, when they are working as medics in different fields their individual experiences of recovery can be quite diverse and sharing with other professionals can give each of us very rewarding insight.

We were able to exchange views and invited participants to share their own skills alongside our working.

We were so busy working on some of the days that we omitted to take photos on our busiest day, so apologies to those who are looking and not seeing themselves.

Having average expectations of the scheduled course they announced excitedly that our training had exceeded their expectations and was well worth having travelled across the globe to be with us for!

You can't get better than that...